Partitioning OCaml codes
Module Asak . Lambda_hash
type threshold =
| Percent of int(*

A percentage threshold, a number between 0 and 100.

| Hard of int(*

A hard threshold.

type config = {
should_sort : bool;(*

If we sort all lists of hashes. This is useful to identify more codes, but can identify unfactorizable code.

hash_var : bool;(*

If we hash names in the AST.

type fingerprint = int * Digest.t

A fingerprint is a weighted Digest.t

type hash = fingerprint * fingerprint list

A type synonym for the result of the hash_lambda function

val hash_lambda : config -> threshold -> Lambda.lambda -> hash

Hash a lambda expression. Usage: hash_lambda config threshold expr. Two lambda expressions "of the same shape" will share the same hash. Particularly, constant are ignored.

  • parameter config

    A configuration for the function.

  • parameter threshold

    Used to decide which sub-AST hash is kept.

  • parameter expr

    The expression.

  • returns

    A tuple with the main hash, and a list of hashes of sub-ASTs satisfying the threshold.


val map_snd : ( 'a -> 'b ) -> ('c * 'a) list -> ('c * 'b) list
val hash_all : config -> int -> ('a * Lambda.lambda) list -> ('a * hash) list

Using a hard threshold, hash a list of lambda expressions from Parse_structure.read_structure.

val escape_hash : hash -> hash

Escape hashses for printing.