package alcotest

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module M : Monad.S


val time : unit -> float

time () returns the current timestamp, used to measure the duration of a testrun.

val getcwd : unit -> string

getcwd () returns the current working directory.

val stdout_isatty : unit -> bool

Return true if standard output refers to a terminal or console window, false otherwise.

val stdout_columns : unit -> int option

stdout_columns () is the current width of stdout in columns, or None if no width can be determined (e.g. stdout is not a TTY).

val setup_std_outputs : ?style_renderer:Fmt.style_renderer -> ?utf_8:bool -> unit -> unit

setup_std_outputs ~style_renderer ~utf_8 () is called at startup of alcotest and sets up the standard streams for colored output.

val log_trap_supported : bool

Whether or not the test runner should trap test logs. The following functions are used iff this is set to true.

val prepare_log_trap : root:string -> uuid:string -> name:string -> unit

prepare ~root ~uuid ~name is called before test suite execution.

  • root is the directory used for log capturing;
  • uuid is the unique test execution ID;
  • name is the suite name.
type file_descriptor
val file_exists : string -> bool
val open_write_only : string -> file_descriptor
val close : file_descriptor -> unit
val with_redirect : file_descriptor -> (unit -> 'a M.t) -> 'a M.t

with_redirect fd f is called for each test. On Unix, it deals with redirection of standard streams to the fd.

val home_directory : unit -> (string, [ `Msg of string ]) Stdlib.result

home_directory () is the current user's HOME directory, if it exists.


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