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Abstract Categorial Grammar development toolkit


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ACG development toolkit

Copyright 2008-2023 INRIA

More information on "" License: CeCILL, see the LICENSE file or "" Authors: see the AUTHORS file

ACGtk: an ACG development toolkit

ACGtk is a software package (2008-2023 INRIA©) for the development of abstract categorial grammars. This distribution provides two executables: acgc and acg.

It is distributed with the CeCILL license (see the LICENSE file or Contributors are listed in the file.

A list of related publications is available at the ACG web page.


acgc is a "compiler" of ACG source code, i.e., files containing definitions of signatures and lexicons. It basically checks whether they are correctly written (syntactically and w.r.t. types and constant typing) and outputs an .acgo object file.


./acgc --help

to get help.


acg is an interpreter of command meant to be useful when using ACGs. To get a list of command, run


then, on the prompt, type

ACGtk> help

Example files are given in the examples directory. Read the file.

More detailed documentation is available for users and developers.