Abstract Categorial Grammar development toolkit
Library acgtkLib.utilsLib
Module UtilsLib
module DependencyManager : sig ... end

This modules implements a functor that build a simple minded dependency manager. The later is used to store dependencies and to retrieve the data dependeding on an element

module Essai_couleurs : sig ... end
module Focused_list : sig ... end
module IdGenerator : sig ... end

This module implements various useful modules to generate IDs and to keep track of there association with string as in a symbol table

module Log : sig ... end
module SharedForest : sig ... end
module Table : sig ... end

This module implements a functor returning an non-funtional lookup table when provided with a given size

module Tries : sig ... end

This modules implements the tries

module Utils : sig ... end

This module provides some useful modules or functions

module Version : sig ... end