Parses C programs to an abstract syntax tree
Module Frontc
val version : string

* FrontC is an OCAML library providing facilities for parsing source file * in C language. * * Although it is designed for parsing ANSI C, it provides also support for * old K&R C style and for some GCC extensions. * * It provides also a limited degraded mode allowing to parse file although * all type information is not available and preprocessor directives are still * in the source. * *

  • author Hugues Cass <hugues.casse\>
type parsing_arg =

Parse the standard input.

| FROM_CHANNEL of in_channel(*

Parse the given channel.

| FROM_FILE of string(*

Parse the given file.


Use the C preprocessor.

| PREPROC of string(*

Path to the preprocessor.

| DEF of string(*

Pass this definition to CPP.

| UNDEF of string(*

Undefine the given symbol for CPP.

| INCLUDE of string(*

Include the given file by the CPP.

| INCLUDE_DIR of string(*

Use the given directory for retrieving includes.

| OPTION of string(*

Pass the given option directl to the CPP.

| ERROR of out_channel(*

Use the given channel for outputting errors.

| INTERACTIVE of bool(*

Is this session interactive (from console).

| GCC_SUPPORT of bool(*

Support some extensions of the GCC compiler (default to true).

| LINE_RECORD of bool(*

Record line numbers in the C abstract trees (default to false).


* Parameters for building the reader handler.

type parsing_result =

Parsing failure. Error outputted.

| PARSING_OK of Cabs.definition list(*

Success. Return list of read definitions.


* Result of a parsing.

val trans_old_fun_def : (Cabs.single_name * Cabs.name_group list * Cabs.body) -> Cabs.definition

* Transform an old K&R C function definition into a new ANSI one. *

  • parameter def

    Old function definition. *


    New function definition. *

    @raise UnconsistentDef

    Raised when an undeclared parameter is found * in the function definition.

val trans_old_fun_defs : Cabs.definition list -> Cabs.definition list

* Transform all old function definition into new ones. *

  • parameter defs

    Defs to transform. *


    Definitions with all old function definitions transformed. *

    @raise UnconsistentDef

    Raised if some old function definition does not * define the type of a parameter.

val convert_to_xml : Cabs.definition list -> Cxml.document

* Convert the given C file abstract repersentation into XML. *

  • parameter file

    C file to convert. *


    XML document result of conversion. *

    @raise UnconsistentDef

    Raised if the file contains some old function * definition whose one parameter is not defined.

val parse : parsing_arg list -> parsing_result
val parse_interactive : in_channel -> out_channel -> parsing_result

* Parse the input channel in interactive way, that is, as coming from the * console. Error are displayed in a specific way. *

  • parameter inp

    Input to read the C source from. *

    @param out

    For outputting errors. *


    Read C definitions.

val parse_console : 'a -> parsing_result

* Parse the C source from the console. It exactly equals to * "parse_interactive stdin stderr". *

  • returns

    Read C definitions.

val parse_channel : in_channel -> out_channel -> parsing_result

* Parse the C source from a non-interactive channel. It may be useful when * the source come from a piped channel from the C preprocessor, for example.* *

  • parameter input

    Input channel to read the source from. *

    @param out

    Output channel to display errors. *


    Read C definitions.

val parse_file : string -> out_channel -> parsing_result

* Parse a C source passed as a file path. *

  • parameter file_name

    Path of the file to read. *

    @param out

    Channel used for displaying errors. *


    Read C definitions. * * NOTE: an error during the read of the file returned as a parse failure.