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We’re pleased to announce the release of opam-publish 2.3.0.

This release, apart from a couple of light improvements, mainly consists of the following new option:

  • You can now use opam-publish with the --no-confirmation argument for use in automated pipeline. Use this option with extreme caution if you do use it.

The full changelog is available below.

Enjoy, The opam team

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  • Add a new --no-confirmation argument for use in automated pipeline [#158 @AltGr - fix #132]
  • Improve the error message when a file expected to be an opam file is given as argument [#150 @kit-ty-kate - partially fix #149]
  • Adopt the OCaml Code of Conduct [#151 @rikusilvola]
  • Changes the makefile to make sure the standard "make && make install" works [#157 @kit-ty-kate]

We are pleased to announce the minor release of opam-publish 2.2.0.

This opam-publish release consists of the following breaking change:

  • Shorten the generated branch name. This is breaking change for people who want to force-push changes on an already opened PR using a previous version of opam-publish as the branch name might not be the same (#141)

and the following fixes:

  • Fix the github markdown syntax generated by opam-publish (#131)
  • Disambiguate GitHub archive URL computed from repository and tag (#135)
  • Upgrade to cmdliner >= 1.1.0 (#134)
  • Support git remotes with multiple push targets (#137)
  • Fix broken state if the initial opam-repository clone fails (#140)
See full changelog
  • Added an '--output-patch' option to allow use without a Github account
  • Use the latest opam libraries (2.1.0~rc) with better format-preserving printing
  • Avoid submission of packages without a reachable archive, except if --force was set or they are conf packages
See full changelog
  • Drop Github token generation feature, no longer supported by Github API.
  • Use newer github library, avoiding warning with deprecated authentication method
  • Allow publication of packages without URL (for conf packages)
  • Added flag --no-browser to disable browser popup
  • Fix detection of package names when specifying opam file names on the command-line
See full changelog
  • git related fixes:
    • github remote detection
    • not a git repository error
  • New option --packages-directory to indicate where package descriptions are stored
See full changelog
  • Now based on opam 2 libs and intended for publications in the 2.0 format (inclusive opam files, etc.)
  • Bumped version number to avoid confusion with opam versions
  • Removed the two-step operation ("prepare" and "publish"). A single invocation does all
  • Removed looking up current opam pinnings and repositories for metadata, which was too complex and counter-intuitive. Now opam files are looked up only in the specified directories or archives
  • Multiple publications without added complexity
  • Simplified command-line: URLs, directories, opam files, package names can be specified directly on the command-line, and repeated for multiple publications
  • Allow providing the auth token directly
See full changelog
  • Support .opam files
  • Add Travis CI tests
  • Support the simultaneous publication of multiple packages from the same repo
See full changelog
  • Add two-factor authentication support
  • Now requires github >= 1.0.0, opam-lib = 1.2.2
  • Use the finer lint results from opam-lib
  • Fix a terminal corruption bug from Ctrl-C at password prompt
  • Improve GitHub API error reporting
  • Fix GitHub token file permissions security vulnerability
  • Fix GitHub token errors for revoked or unknowable (since 2015/04/20) tokens
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