OCaml Changelog

Read the latest releases and updates from the OCaml ecosystem.

Note: The OCaml Changelog is experimental and is not yet endorsed by the maintainers of the Compiler, OCaml Platform and other featured projects.
We'll work with the maintainers of the projects to agree on the format of the Changelog and the release process as we roll out a stable version.

Dune 3.7.1

We are excited to announce the release of Dune 3.7.1, which brings a few bug fixes from the recent 3.7.0 release:

  • Resolved watch mode issue for executables on macOS: We have addressed a problem with the recently introduced watch mode for executables that was causing segmentation faults on macOS. Users can now enjoy a stable watch mode without unexpected crashes on macOS.
  • Fixed "Too many links" error on Windows: We have fixed an issue that caused Dune build failures with a "Too many links" error on Windows when using Dune cache.

... and a few more, you can consult the changelog for a full list of bug fixes.

See full changelog
  • Fix segfault on MacOS when dune was being shutdown while in watch mode. (#7312, fixes #6151, @gridbugs, @emillon)

  • Fix preludes not being recorded as dependencies in the (mdx) stanza (#7109, fixes #7077, @emillon).

  • Pass correct flags when compiling stdlib.ml. (#7241, @emillon)

  • Handle "Too many links" errors when using Dune cache on Windows. The fix in 3.7.0 for this same issue was not effective due to a typo. (#7472, @nojb)

Native polling mode for Windows

Starting from Dune 3.7, Dune watch mode is now available on Windows!

@yams-yams and @nojb from Lexifi have been working on integrating Windows native polling API with Dune to supplement the support for fswatch, which is unavailable on Windows.

Windows users can now run dune build -w out of the box!

Watch mode for executables

Dune 3.7 now supports watch mode for executables! 🎉

It works just as you'd expect, if you define an executable, you can run it with

dune exec -w my-executable

It will interrupt the process when a file change and re-start the application.

For a practical example of the workflows enabled by watch-mode, check this demo of a live reload for web development:

Qualified sub-directories

It's quite common to organise your code into subdirectories to separate components. Until now, you could do this by including (include_subdirs unqualified) in your dune files, but this wasn't completely satisfying since all of your modules were available in the top-level. If you wanted to expose modules in subdirectories under another module, you had to create a separate library, which was.. quite the overhead.

Dune 3.7 brings support for the highly-anticipated qualified sub-directories. You can now write (include_subdirs qualified) in your dune file, and modules in your subdirectories will be exposed under a module with the name of the directory.

Dune 3.7.0

The dune team is pleased to announce the release of Dune 3.7.0.

As in the previous announce, here is a changelog split in several parts: changes to the dune executable itself (new commands or options, etc) and changes to the dune language. Most of the changes to the latter are only enabled when you opt-in to the new version by specifying (lang dune 3.7) in the corresponding dune-project file. In other words, it should always be safe to upgrade the dune package.

See full changelog

dune executable


  • Allow running $ dune exec in watch mode (with the -w flag). In watch mode, $ dune exec the executed binary whenever it is recompiled. (#6966, @gridbugs)

  • Add a dune cache size command for displaying the size of the cache (#6638, @Alizter)

  • Allow $ dune ocaml dump-dot-merlin to run in watch mode. Also this command shouldn't print "Entering Directory" mesages. (#6497, @rgrinberg)

  • Add native support for polling mode on Windows (#7010, @yams-yams, @nojb, review by @Rucikir and @jbeckford)

  • Auto-detect dune-workspace files as dune files in Emacs (#7061, @ilankri)

  • Allow $ dune utop to load libraries defined in data only directories defined using (subdir ..) (#6631, @rgrinberg)


  • Make dune describe workspace return consistent dependencies for executables and for libraries. By default, compile-time dependencies towards PPX-rewriters are from now not taken into account (but runtime dependencies always are). Compile-time dependencies towards PPX-rewriters can be taken into account by providing the --with-pps flag. (#6727, fixes #6486, @esope)

  • Use colored output with MDX when Dune colors are enabled. (#6462, @MisterDA)

  • Use colored output with GCC and Clang when compiling C stubs. The flag -fdiagnostics-color=always is added to the :standard set of flags. (#4083, @MisterDA)

  • Move $ dune ocaml-merlin -dump-config=$dir to $ dune ocaml merlin dump-config $dir. (#6547, @rgrinberg)


  • Fix parsing of OCaml errors that contain code excerpts with ... in them. (#7008, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix --trace-file output. Dune now emits a single complete event for every executed process. Unterminated async events are no longer written. (#6892, @rgrinberg)

  • Print missing newline after $ dune exec. (#6821, fixes #6700, @rgrinberg, @Alizter)

  • Fix binary corruption when installing or promoting in parallel (#6669, fixes #6668, @edwintorok)

  • Report an error if dune init ... would create a "dune" file in a location which already contains a "dune" directory (#6705, @gridbugs)

  • Fix the parsing of alerts. They will now show up in diagnostics correctly. (#6678, @rginberg)

  • Print "Leaving Directory" whenever "Entering Directory" is printed. (#6419, fixes #138, @cpitclaudel, @rgrinberg)

  • Remove "Entering Directory" messages for $ dune install. (#6513, @rgrinberg)

  • dune clean should no longer fail under Windows due to the inability to remove the .lock file. Also, bring the implementation of the global lock under Windows closer to that of Unix. (#6523, @nojb)

  • Fix missing dependencies when detecting the kind of C compiler we're using (#6610, fixes #6415, @emillon)

  • Remove spurious build dir created when running dune init proj ... (#6707, fixes #5429, @gridbugs)

  • Validate the command line arguments for $ dune ocaml top-module. This command requires one positional argument (#6796, fixes #6793, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dependency cycle when installing files to the bin section with glob_files (#6764, fixes #6708, @gridbugs)

  • Handle "Too many links" errors when using Dune cache on Windows (#6993, @nojb)

  • Pre-emptively clear screen in watch mode (#6987, fixes #6884, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow --sandbox to affect ocamldep invocations. Previously, they were wrongly marked as incompatible (#6749, @rgrinberg)

dune language


  • Allow (include_subdirs qualified) for OCaml projects. (#6594, fixes #1084, @rgrinberg)

  • Format dune files when they are named dune-file. This occurs when we enable the alternative file names project option. (#6566, @rgrinberg)

  • Add map_workspace_root dune-project stanza to allow disabling of mapping of workspace root to /workspace_root. (#6988, fixes #6929, @richardlford)

  • Allow the cinaps stanza to set a custom alias. By default, if the alias is not set then the cinaps actions will be attached to both @cinaps and @runtest (#6991, @rgrinberg)

  • Add (using ctypes 0.3). When used, paths in (ctypes) are interpreted relative to where the stanza is defined. (#6883, fixes #5325, @emillon)


  • Stop passing -q flag in dune coq top, which allows for .coqrc to be loaded. (#6848, fixes #6847, @Alizter)

  • Coq native mode is now automatically detected by Dune starting with Coq lang 0.7. (mode native) has been deprecated in favour of detection from the configuration of Coq. (#6409, @Alizter)

  • Accurately determine merlin configuration for all sources selected with copy# and copy_files#. The old heuristic of looking for a module in parent directories is removed (#6594, @rgrinberg)


  • Fix parsing of the <= operator in blang expressions of dune files. Previously, the operator would be interpreted as <. (#6928, @tatchi)

  • Fix preprocessing with staged_pps (#6748, fixes #6644, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix the parsing of decimal and hexadecimal escape literals in dune, dune-package, and other dune s-expression based files (#6710, @shym)

  • Fix cross compilation configuration when a context with targets is itself a host of another context (#6958, fixes #6843, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow compilation rules to be impacted by (env ..) stanzas that modify the environment or set binaries. (#6527, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix handling of support files generated by odoc. (#6913, @jonludlam)

  • Fix the compilation of modules generated at link time when implicit_transitive_deps is enabled (#6642, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix inline tests with js_of_ocaml and whole program compilation mode enabled (#6645, @hhugo)

  • Fix js_of_ocaml separate compilation rules when --enable=effects ,--enable=use-js-string or --toplevel is used. (#6714, #6828, #6920, @hhugo)

  • Fix js_of_ocaml separate compilation in presence of linkall (#6832, #6916, @hhugo)

  • coqdep is now called once per theory, instead of one time per Coq file. This should significantly speed up some builds, as coqdep startup time is often heavy (#7048, @Alizter, @ejgallego)

Dune 3.6.2

See full changelog
  • Fix configurator when using the MSVC compiler (#6538, fixes #6537, @nojb)

  • Fix running the RPC server on windows (#6721 fixes #6720, @rgrinberg)

Dune 3.6.1

See full changelog
  • Fix status line enabled when ANSI colors are forced. (#6503, @MisterDA)

  • Fix build with MSVC compiler (#6517, @nojb)

  • Do not shadow library interface modules (#6549, fixes #6545, @rgrinberg)

Dune 3.6.0

Dear dune users, It is my pleasure to announce that dune 3.6.0 is now available on opam 🎉. Here's the changelog - I reused the same classification as in the previous announce for dune 3.5.0. Thanks again to all the contributors including bug reporters.

See full changelog

dune executable

This lists features of the “dune” executable itself. Upgrading dune will bring in these changes. We consider these changes safe, but it is difficult to define what a breaking change is for a command-line tool (for example, some error messages change). It is important to note that just upgrading the dune executable is not supposed to change how dune interprets existing projects. If just upgrading dune breaks compilation, it is a bug in dune, please report it!


  • Introduce a $ dune ocaml top-module subcommand to load modules directly without sealing them behind the signature. (#5940, @rgrinberg)
  • Revive $ dune external-lib-deps under $ dune describe external-lib-deps. (#6045, @moyodiallo)
  • Extend the promotion CLI to a dune promotion group: dune promote is moved to dune promotion apply (the former still works) and the new dune promotion diff command can be used to just display the promotion without applying it. (#6160, fixes #5368, @emillon)
  • Build progress status now shows number of failed jobs (#6242, @Alizter)
  • Allow promoting into source directories specified by subdir (#6404, fixes #3502, @rgrinberg)
  • Support CLICOLOR and CLICOLOR_FORCE to enable/disable/force ANSI colors. (#6340, fixes #6323, @MisterDA).
  • Create a fake socket file _build/.rpc/dune on windows to allow rpc clients to connect using the build directory. (#6329, @rgrinberg)


  • Forbid multiple instances of dune running concurrently in the same workspace. (#6360, fixes #236, @rgrinberg)
  • Make dune describe workspace return the correct root path (#6380, fixes #6379, @esope)
  • Fix running inline tests in bytecode mode (#5622, fixes #5515, @dariusf)

(lang dune 3.6)

This lists changes if you opt into the new (lang dune 3.6) version in your dune-project file. For this too, these are changes that we consider safe, but they can require changes to your dune files. For example, sandboxing is enabled in more places, which means that you might have to be more precise in expressing your dependencies. Please reach out on the issue tracker if you have trouble fixing your dune file or if something does not seem to be possible anymore.


  • Add (glob_files <glob>) and (glob_files_rec <glob>) terms to the files field of the install stanza (#6250, closes #6018, @gridbugs)
  • Allow Byte_complete binaries to be installable (#4837, @AltGr, @rgrinberg)
  • Allow :standard in the (modules) field of the coq.pp stanza (#6229, fixes #2414, @Alizter)


  • Allow absolute build directories to find public executables. For example, those specified with (deps %{bin:...}) (#6326, @anmonteiro)
  • [ctypes] do not mangle user written names in the ctypes stanza (#6374, fixes #5561, @rgrinberg)
  • Forbid private libraries with (package ..) set from depending on private libraries that don't belong to a package (#6385, fixes #6153, @rgrinberg)
  • [ctypes] always re-run pkg-config because we aren't tracking its external dependencies (#6052, @rgrinberg)
  • [ctypes] remove dependency on configurator in the generated rules (#6052, @rgrinberg)
  • Fix passing of flags to dune coq top (#6369, fixes #6366, @Alizter)
  • Prevent crash if absolute paths are used in the install stanza and in recursive globs. These cases now result in a user error. (#6331, @gridbugs)

Dune 3.5.0

I'd like to announce the release of dune 3.5.0 on opam. This release is packed with fixes and new features, that are described below with a description of what this means for project maintainers.

See full changelog

dune executable

This lists features of the "dune" executable itself. Upgrading dune will bring in these changes. We consider these changes safe, but it is difficult to define what a breaking change is for a command-line tool (for example, some error messages change). It is important to note that just upgrading the dune executable is not supposed to change how dune interprets existing projects. If just upgrading dune breaks compilation, it is a bug in dune, please report it!


  • Allow dune describe workspace to accept directories as arguments. The provided directories restrict the worskpace description to those directories. (#6107, fixes #3893, @esope)
  • Add a terminal persistence mode that attempts to clear the terminal history. It is enabled by setting terminal persistence to clear-on-rebuild-and-flush-history (#6065, @rgrinberg)


  • Fix build-info version when used with flambda (#6089, fixes #6075, @jberdine)
  • Fix compilation of Dune under esy on Windows (#6109, fixes #6098, @nojb)
  • Improve error message when parsing several licenses in (license) (#6114, fixes #6103, @emillon)
  • Handle CSI n K code in ANSI escape codes from commands. (#6214, fixes #5528, @emillon)
  • Do not ignore rules marked (promote (until-clean)) when --ignore-promoted-rules (or -p) is passed. (#6010, fixes #4401, @emillon)


  • dune install: copy files in an atomic way (#6150, @emillon)
  • update vendored copy of cmdliner to 1.1.1. This improves the built-in documentation for command groups such as dune ocaml. (#6038, @emillon, #6169, @shonfeder)
  • Extend dune describe to include the root path of the workspace and the relative path to the build directory. (#6136, @reubenrowe)

macOS support

This is technically a subset of above section. For M1 mac users, dune 3.5.0 is the first version which will correctly support dune-build-info.


  • on macOS, sign executables produced by artifact substitution (#6137, #6231, fixes #5650, fixes #6226, @emillon)
  • Enable file watching on MacOS SDK < 10.13. (#6218, @rgrinberg)


  • macOS: Handle unknown fsevents without crashing (#6217, @rgrinberg)

(lang dune 3.5)

This lists changes if you opt into the new (lang dune 3.5) version in your dune-project file. For this too, these are changes that we consider safe, but they can require changes to your dune files. For example, sandboxing is enabled in more places, which means that you might have to be more precise in expressing your dependencies. Please reach out on the issue tracker if you have trouble fixing your dune file or if something does not seem to be possible anymore.


  • Add a runtime_deps field in the cinaps stanza to specify runtime dependencies for running the cinaps preprocessing action (#6175, @rgrinberg)
  • Allow rules producing directory targets to be not sandboxed (#6056, @rgrinberg)
  • Introduce a dirs field in the install stanza to install entire directories (#5097, fixes #5059, @rgrinberg)
  • Add an (include <file>) term to the include_dirs field for adding directories to the include paths sourced from a file. (#6058, fixes #3993, @gridbugs)
  • Support (extra_objects ...) field in (executable ...) and (library ...) stanzas (#6084, fixes #4129, @gridbugs)
  • Allow rules producing directory targets to create symlinks (#6077, fixes #5945, @rgrinberg)
  • Added an (aliases ...) field to the (rules ...) stanza which allows the specification of multiple aliases per rule (#6194, @Alizter)
  • Allow include statement in install stanza (#6139, fixes #256, @gridbugs)
  • Add a new experimental feature mode_specific_stubs that allows the specification of different flags and sources for foreign stubs depending on the build mode (#5649, @voodoos)


  • Sandbox running cinaps actions starting from cinaps 1.1 (#6176, @rgrinberg)
  • Cinaps actions are now sandboxed by default (#6062, @rgrinberg)
  • Menhir rules are now sandboxed by default (#6076, @rgrinberg)
  • Inline tests are now sandboxed by default (#6079, @rgrinberg)


  • Shadow alias module Foo__ when building a library Foo (#6126, @rgrinberg)
  • Disallow generating targets in sub direcories in inferred rules. The check to forbid this was accidentally done only for manually specified targets (#6031, @rgrinberg)
  • odoc rules now about ODOC_SYNTAX and will rerun accordingly (#6010, fixes #1117, @emillon)

Coq support

These changes, associated with (lang dune 3.5), are specific to coq.


  • Add %{coq:...} macro for accessing data about the configuration about Coq. For instance %{coq:version} (#6049, @Alizter)
  • Starting with Coq build language 0.6, theories can be built without importing Coq's standard library by including (stdlib no). (#6165 #6164, fixes #6163, @ejgallego @Alizter @LasseBlaauwbroek)


  • Dune no longer considers .aux files as targets during Coq compilation. This means that .aux files are no longer cached. (#6024, fixes #6004, @alizter)
  • The test suite for Coq now requires Coq >= 8.16 due to changes in the plugin loading mechanism upstream (which now uses Findlib).
  • The (coq.theory ...) stanza will now ensure that for each declared (plugin ...), the META file for it is built before calling coqdep. This enables the use of the new Findlib-based loading method in Coq 8.16; however as of Coq 8.16.0, Coq itself has some bugs preventing this to work yet. (#6167 , workarounds #5767, @ejgallego)

Dune 3.4.1

See full changelog
  • Fix build on cygwin/i686-w64-mingw32 (#6008, @kit-ty-kate)

Dune 3.4.0

On behalf of the dune team, I’m pleased to announce the release of version 3.4.0.

Bug fixes, a couple new features, better hints and error messages - I won't restate what's in the changelog below. Thanks to everyone involved in this release!

See full changelog
  • Make dune describe correctly handle overlapping implementations for virtual libraries (#5971, fixes #5747, @esope)

  • Building the @check alias should make sure the libraries and executables don't have dependency cycles (#5892, @rgrinberg)

  • [ctypes] Add support for the errno parameter using the errno_policy field in the ctypes settings. (#5827, @droyo)

  • Fix dune coq top when it is invoked on files from a subdirectory of the directory containing the associated stanza (#5784, fixes #5552, @ejgallego, @rlepigre, @Alizter)

  • Fix hint when an invalid module name is found. (#5922, fixes #5273, @emillon)

  • The (cat) action now supports several files. (#5928, fixes #5795, @emillon)

  • Dune no longer uses shimmed META files for OCaml 5.x, solely using the ones installed by the compiler. (#5916, @dra27)

  • Fix handling of the (deps) field in (test) stanzas when there is an .expected file. (#5952, #5951, fixes #5950, @emillon)

  • Ignore insignificant filesystem events. This stops RPC in watch mode from flashing errors on insignificant file system events such as changes in the .git/ directory. (#5953, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix parsing more error messages emitted by the OCaml compiler. In particular, messages where the excerpt line number started with a blank character were skipped. (#5981, @rgrinberg)

  • env stanza: warn if some rules are ignored because they appear after a wildcard rule. (#5898, fixes #5886, @emillon)

  • On Windows, XDG_CACHE_HOME is taken to be the FOLDERID_InternetCache if unset, and XDG_CONFIG_HOME and XDG_DATA_HOME are both taken to be FOLDERID_LocalAppData if unset. (#5943, fixes #5808, @nojb)

Dune 3.3.1

See full changelog
  • Improve parsing of ocamlc errors. We now correctly strip excerpts and parse alerts (#5879, @rgrinberg)

  • The (libraries) field of the coq.theory stanza has been renamed to (plugins) and the Coq language version has been bumped to 0.5.

Dune 3.3.0

On behalf of the dune team, I’m pleased to announce the release of version 3.3.0. This is the first version that supports the upcoming OCaml 5.0. It also improves safety by sandboxing more rules and enabling more warnings, and there's a bunch of new features on the coq side too. Full changelog follows.

Note that as usual, dune works hard not to break existing packages. So even if it mentions that rules require precise dependencies, for example, this new safety net is only enabled for project that use (lang dune 3.3).

Happy hacking.

See full changelog
  • Sandbox preprocessing, lint, and dialect rules by default. All these rules now require precise dependency specifications (#5807, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow list expansion in the pps specification for preprocessing (#5820, @Firobe)

  • Add warnings 67-69 to dune's default set of warnings. These are warnings of the form "unused X.." (#5844, @rgrinberg)

  • Introduce project "composition" for coq theories. Coq theories in separate projects can now refer to each other when in the same workspace (#5784, @Alizter, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix hint message for data_only_dirs that wrongly mentions the unknown constructor data_only (#5803, @lambdaxdotx)

  • Fix creating sandbox directory trees by getting rid of buggy memoization (#5794, @rgrinberg, @snowleopard)

  • Handle directory dependencies in sandboxed rules. Previously, the parents of these directory dependencies weren't created. (#5754, @rgrinberg)

  • Set the exit code to 130 when dune is terminated with a signal (#5769, fixes #5757)

  • Support new locations of unix, str, dynlink in OCaml >= 5.0 (#5582, @dra27)

  • The coq.theory stanza now produces rules for running coqdoc. Given a theory named mytheory, the directory targets mytheory.html/ and mytheory.tex/ or additionally the aliases @doc and @doc-latex will build the HTML and LaTeX documentation repsectively. (#5695, fixes #3760, @Alizter)

  • Coq theories marked as (boot) cannot depend on other theories (#5867, @ejgallego)

  • Ignore bigarray in (libraries) with OCaml >= 5.0. (#5526, fixes #5494, @moyodiallo)

  • Start with :standard when building the ctypes generated foreign stubs so that we include important compiler flags, such as -fPIC (#5816, fixes #5809).

Dune 3.2.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the availability of version 3.2.0. This release contains few new features, but is packed with bug fixes and usability improvements. In particular, I'd like to point out that we've continued to improve the user experience with the watch mode. I encourage you all to try it out if you haven't already.

Happy Hacking.

See full changelog
  • Fixed dune describe workspace --with-deps so that it correctly handles Reason files, as well as files any other dialect. (#5701, @esope)

  • Disable alerts when compiling code in vendored directories (#5683, @NathanReb)

  • Fixed dune describe --with-deps, that crashed when some preprocessing was required in a dune file using per_module. (#5682, fixes #5680, @esope)

  • Add $ dune describe pp to print the preprocssed ast of sources. (#5615, fixes #4470, @cannorin)

  • Report dune file evaluation errors concurrently. In the same way we report build errors. (#5655, @rgrinberg)

  • Watch mode now default to clearing the terminal on rebuild (#5636, fixes, #5216, @rgrinberg)

  • The output of jobs that finished but were cancelled is now omitted. (#5631, fixes #5482, @rgrinberg)

  • Allows to configure all the default destination directories with ./configure (adds bin, sbin, data, libexec). Use OPAM_SWITCH_PREFIX instead of calling the opam binaries in dune install. Fix handling of multiple libdir in ./configure for handling /usr/lib/ocaml/ and /usr/local/lib/ocaml. In dune install forbid relative directories in libdir, docdir and others specific directory setting because their handling was inconsistent (#5516, fixes #3978 and #5455, @bobot)

  • --terminal-persistence=clear-on-rebuild will no longer destroy scrollback on some terminals (#5646, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a fmt command as a shortcut of dune build @fmt --auto-promote (#5574, @tmattio)

  • Watch mode now tracks copied external files, external directories for dependencies, dune files in OCaml syntax, files used by include stanzas, dune-project, opam files, libraries builtin with compiler, and foreign sources (#5627, #5645, #5652, #5656, #5672, #5691, #5722, fixes #5331, @rgrinberg)

  • Improve metrics for cram tests. Include test names in the event and add a category for cram tests (#5626, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow specifying multiple licenses in project file (#5579, fixes #5574, @liyishuai)

  • Match glob_files only against files in external directories (#5614, fixes #5540, @rgrinberg)

  • Add pid's to chrome trace output (#5617, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix race when creating local cache directory (#5613, fixes #5461, @rgrinberg)

  • Add not to boolean expressions (#5610, fix #5503, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix relative dependencies outside the workspace (#4035, fixes #5572, @bobot)

  • Allow to specify --prefix via the environment variable DUNE_INSTALL_PREFIX (#5589, @vapourismo)

  • Dune-site.plugin: add support for archive(native|byte, plugin) used in the wild before findlib documented plugin(native|byte) in 2015 (#5518, @bobot)

  • Fix a bug where Dune would not correctly interpret META files in alternative layout (ie when the META file is named META.$pkg). The Llvm bindings were affected by this issue. (#5619, fixes #5616, @nojb)

  • Support (binaries) in (env) in dune-workspace files (#5560, fix #5555, @emillon)

  • (mdx) stanza: add support for (locks). (#5628, fixes #5489, @emillon)

  • (mdx) stanza: support including files in different directories using relative paths, and provide better error messages when paths are invalid (#5703, #5704, fixes #5596, @emillon)

  • Fix ctypes rules for external lib names which aren't valid ocaml names (#5667, fixes #5511, @Khady)

Dune 3.1.1

See full changelog
  • Fix build on Cygwin. (#5593, fixes 5577, @nojb)

  • Fix execution of (system ..) actions on Windows. (#5593, fixes #5523, @nojb)

Dune 3.1.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce version 3.1.0. This release contains some small, but interesting features, and some important quality of life bug fixes. I encourage everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.

Happy Hacking.

See full changelog
  • Add sourcehut as an option for defining project sources in dune-project files. For example, (source (sourcehut user/repo)). (#5564, @rgrinberg)

  • Add dune coq top command for running a Coq toplevel (#5457, @rlepigre)

  • Fix dune exec dumping database in wrong directory (#5544, @bobot)

  • Always output absolute paths for locations in RPC reported diagnostics (#5539, @rgrinberg)

  • Add (deps <deps>) in ctype field (#5346, @bobot)

  • Add (include <file>) constructor to dependency specifications. This can be used to introduce dynamic dependencies (#5442, @anmonteiro)

  • Ensure that dune describe computes a transitively closed set of libraries (#5395, @esope)

  • Add direct dependencies to $ dune describe output (#5412, @esope)

  • Show auto-detected concurrency on Windows too (#5502, @MisterDA)

  • Fix operations that remove folders with absolute path. This happens when using esy (#5507, @EduardoRFS)

  • Dune will not fail if some directories are non-empty when uninstalling. (#5543, fixes #5542, @nojb)

  • coqdep now depends only on the filesystem layout of the .v files, and not on their contents (#5547, helps with #5100, @ejgallego)

  • The mdx stanza 0.2 can now be used with (implicit_transitive_deps false) (#5558, fixes #5499, @emillon)

  • Fix missing parenthesis in printing of corresponding terminal command for (with-outputs-to ) (#5551, fixes #5546, @Alizter)

Dune 3.0.3

See full changelog
  • Do not enable warnings 63-70 by default (#5476, fixes #5464, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow %{read-lines} to introduce dynamic dependencies like %{read}. (#5440, @anmonteiro)

  • Look up gmake before make (#5474, fixes #5470, @rgrinberg)

  • Handle empty output from getconf (#5473 fixes #5471, @mndrix)

  • Depend on any provided foreign_archives for ctypes stub generation (#5475, @mbacarella)

Dune 3.0.0

On behalf of the dune team, I’m delighted to announce the availability of dune 3.0.

The team has been working on this release for over 6 months, and there’s a bunch of new work to report. I’ll only highlight the some of the interesting new developments:

  • The watch mode has been rewritten from scratch to be faster and more scalable. We also no longer rely on any 3rd party tools such as fswatch. If any of you still have a dune workspace dune is still struggling with, we cannot wait to hear from you.

  • The watch mode now also starts an RPC server in the background. This RPC protocol is going to be the basis for other tools to interact with dune. Watch out for announcement on the LSP side to see how we’ll be making use of it to improve the editing experience.

  • The dune cache has been rewritten as well. It is now simpler and more reliable. There are still some components missing, such as distribution of the artifacts over the network. Nevertheless, we welcome you all to experiment with this feature and give us feedback.

  • We’ve addressed one of our oldest feature requests: high level rules for ctypes projects. This feature is still experimental, so we need feedback from real world projects before declaring it as mature.

Of course, there are many other fixes, enhancements, and only a few breaking changes in this release. We hope you have an easy time upgrading.

Happy Hacking.

See full changelog
  • Remove uchar and seq dummy ocamlfind libraries from dune's builtin library database (#5260, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Add a DUNE_DIFF_COMMAND environment variable to match --diff-command command-line parameter (@raphael-proust, fix #5369, #5375)

  • Add support for odoc-link rules (#5045, @jonludlam, @lubegasimon)

  • Dune will no longer generate documentation for hidden modules (#5045, @jonludlam, @lubegasimon)

  • Parse the native_pack_linker field of ocamlc -config (#5281, @TheLortex)

  • Fix plugins with dot in the name (#5182, @bobot, review @rgrinberg)

  • Don't generate the dune-site build part when not needed (#4861, @bobot, review @kit-ty-kate)

  • Fix installation of implementations of virtual libraries (#5150, fix #3636, @rgrinberg)

  • Run tests in all modes defined. Previously, jsoo was excluded. (@hhugo, #5049, fix #4951)

  • Allow to configure the alias to run the jsoo tests (@hhugo, #5049, #4999)

  • Set jsoo compilation flags in the env stanza (@hhugo, #5049, #1613)

  • Allow to configure jsoo separate compilation in the env stanza. Previously, it was hard coded to always be enabled in the dev profile. (@hhugo, #5049, fix #970)

  • Fix build-info version in jsoo executables (@hhugo, #5049, fix #4444)

  • Pass -no-check-prims when building bytecode for jsoo (@hhugo, #5049, #4027)

  • Fix jsoo builds when dynamically linked foreign archives are disabled (@hhugo, #5049)

  • Disallow empty packages starting from 3.0. Empty packages may be re-enabled by adding the (allow_empty) to the package stanza in the dune-project file. (#4867, fix #2882, @kit-ty-kate, @rgrinberg)

  • Add link_flags field to the executable field of inline_tests (#5088, fix #1530, @jvillard)

  • In watch mode, use fsevents instead of fswatch on OSX (#4937, #4990, fixes #4896 @rgrinberg)

  • Remove inotifywait watch mode backend on Linux. We now use the inotify API exclusively (#4941, @rgrinberg)

  • Report cycles between virtual libraries and their implementation (#5050, fixes #2896, @rgrinberg)

  • Warn when lang versions have an ignored suffix. (lang dune 2.3.4) or (lang dune 2.3suffix) were silently parsed as 2.3 and we know suggest to remove the prefix. (#5040, @emillon)

  • Allow users to specify dynamic dependencies in rules. For example (deps %{read:foo.gen}) (#4662, fixes #4089, @jeremiedimino)

  • Sandbox infer rules for menhir. Fixes possible "inconsistent assumptions" errors (#5015, @rgrinberg)

  • Experimental support for ctypes stubs (#3905, fixes #135, @mbacarella)

  • Fix interpretation of binaries defined in the env stanza. Binaries defined in x/dune wouldn't be visible in `x/*/**/dune. (#4975, fixes #4976, @Leonidas-from-XIV, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not list private libraries in package listings (#4945, fixes #4799, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow spaces in cram test paths (#4980, fixes #4162, @rgrinberg)

  • Improve error handling of misbehaving cram scripts. (#4981, fix #4230, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix foreign_stubs inside a tests stanza. Previously, dune would crash when this field was present (#4942, fix #4946, @rgrinberg)

  • Add the enabled_if field to inline_tests within the library stanza. This allows us to disable executing the inline tests while still allowing for compilation (#4939, @rgrinberg)

  • Generate a dune-project when initializing projects with dune init proj ... (#4881, closes #4367, @shonfeder)

  • Allow spaces in the directory argument of the subdir stanza (#4943, fixes #4907, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a %{toolchain} expansion variable (#4899, fixes #3949, @rgrinberg)

  • Include dependencies of executables when creating toplevels (either dune top or dune utop) (#4882, fixes #4872, @Gopiancode)

  • Fixes opam META file requires entry for private libs (#4841, fixes #4839, @toots)

  • Fixes dune exec not adding .exe on Windows (#4371, fixes #3322, @MisterDA)

  • Allow multiple cinaps stanzas in the same directory (#4460, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix $ dune subst in empty git repositories (#4441, fixes #3619, @rgrinberg)

  • Improve interpretation of ansi escape sequence when spawning processes (#4408, fixes #2665, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow (package pkg) in dependencies even if pkg is an installed package (#4170, @bobot)

  • Allow %{version:pkg} to work for external packages (#4104, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Add (glob_files_rec <dir>/<glob>) for globbing files recursively (#4176, @jeremiedimino)

  • Automatically generate empty .mli files for executables and tests (#3768, fixes #3745, @CraigFe)

  • Add ocaml command subgroup for OCaml related commands such as utop, top, and merlin (#3936, @rgrinberg).

  • Detect unknown variables more eagerly (#4184, @jeremiedimino)

  • Improve location of variables and macros in error messages (#4205, @jeremiedimino)

  • Auto-detect dune-project files as dune files in Emacs (#4222, @shonfeder)

  • Dune no longer automatically create or edit dune-project files (#4239, fixes #4108, @jeremiedimino)

  • Warn if dune-project is not found (fatal in release mode) (#5343, @emillon)

  • Cleanup temporary files after running $ dune exec. (#4260, fixes #4243, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a new subcommand dune ocaml dump-dot-merlin that prints a mix of all the merlin configuration of a directory (defaulting to the current directory) in the Merlin configuration syntax. (#4250, @voodoos)

  • Enable cram tests by default (#4262, @rgrinberg)

  • Drop support for opam 1.x (#4280, @jeremiedimino)

  • Stop calling ocamlfind to determine the library search path or library installation directory. This makes the behavior of Dune simpler and more reproducible (#4281, @jeremiedimino)

  • Remove the external-lib-deps command. This command was only approximative and the cost of maintainance was getting too high. We removed it to make room for new more important features (#4298, @jeremiedimino)

  • It is now possible to define action dependencies through a chain of aliases. (#4303, @aalekseyev)

  • If an .ml file is not used by an executable, Dune no longer report parsing error in this file (#4330, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add support for sandboxing using hard links (#4360, Andrey Mokhov)

  • Fix dune crash when subdir is an absolute path (#4366, @anmonteiro)

  • Changed the implementation of actions attached to aliases, as in (rule (alias runtest) (action (run ./test))). A visible result for users is that such actions are now memoized for longer. For instance:

    $ echo '(rule (alias runtest) (action (echo "X=%{env:X=0}\n")))` > dune
    $ X=1 dune runtest
    $ X=2 dune runtest
    $ X=1 dune runtest

    Previously, Dune would have re-executed the action again at the last line. Now it remembers the result of the first execution.

  • Fix a bug where dune would always re-run all actions that produce symlinks, even if their dependencies did not change. (#4405, @aalekseyev)

  • Fix a bug that was causing Dune to re-hash generated files more often than necessary (#4419, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fields allowed in the config file are now also allowed in the workspace file (#4426, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add options to control how Dune should handle stdout and stderr of actions when then succeed. It is now possible to ask Dune to ignore the stdout of actions when they succeed or to request that the stderr of actions must be empty. This allows to reduce the noise of large builds (#4422, #4515, @jeremiedimino)

  • The @all alias no longer depends directly on copies of files from the source directory (#4461, @nojb)

  • Allow dune-file as an alternative file name for dune files (needs to be enabled in the dune-project file) (#4428, @nojb)

  • Drop support for upgrading jbuilder projects (#4473, @jeremiedimino)

  • Extend the environment variable BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP to rewrite the root of the build dir (or sandbox) to /workspace_root (#4466, @jeremiedimino)

  • Simplify the implementation of build cache. We stop using the cache daemon to access the cache and instead write to and read from it directly. The new cache implementation is based on Jenga's cache library, which was thoroughly tested on large-scale builds. Using Jenga's cache library will also make it easier for us to port Jenga's cloud cache to Dune. (#4443, #4465, Andrey Mokhov)

  • More informative error message when Dune can't read a target that's supposed to be produced by the action. Old message is still produced on ENOENT, but other errors deserve a more detailed report. (#4501, @aalekseyev)

  • Fixed a bug where a sandboxed action would fail if it declares no dependencies in its initial working directory or any directory it chdirs into. (#4509, @aalekseyev)

  • Fix a crash when clearing temporary directories (#4489, #4529, Andrey Mokhov)

  • Dune now memoizes all errors when running in the file-watching mode. This speeds up incremental rebuilds but may be inconvenient in rare cases, e.g. if a build action fails due to a spurious error, such as running out of memory. Right now, the only way to force such actions to be rebuilt is to restart Dune, which clears all memoized errors. In future, we would like to provide a way to rerun all actions failed due to errors without restarting the build, e.g. via a Dune RPC call. (#4522, Andrey Mokhov)

  • Remove dune compute. It was broken and unused (#4540, @jeremiedimino)

  • No longer generate an approximate merlin files when computing the ocaml flags fails, for instance because they include the contents of a file that failed to build. This was a niche feature and it was getting in the way of making Dune's core better. (#4607, @jeremiedimino)

  • Make Dune display the progress indicator in all output modes except quiet (#4618, @aalekseyev)

  • Report accurate process timing information in trace mode (enabled with --trace-file) (#4517, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not log live_words and free_words in trace file. This allows using Gc.quick_stat which does not scan the heap. (#4643, @emillon)

  • Don't let command run by Dune observe the environment variable INSIDE_EMACS in order to improve reproducibility (#4680, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix root_module when used in public libraries (#4685, fixes #4684, @rgrinberg, @CraigFe)

  • Fix root_module when used with preprocessing (#4683, fixes #4682, @rgrinberg, @CraigFe)

  • Display Coq profile flags in dune printenv (#4767, @ejgallego)

  • Introduce mdx stanza 0.2, requiring mdx >= 1.9.0, with a new generic deps field and the possibility to statically link libraries in the test executable. (#3956, #5391, fixes #3955)

  • Improve lookup of optional or disabled binaries. Previously, we'd treat every executable with missing libraries as optional. Now, we treat make sure to look at the library's optional or enabled_if status (#4786).

  • Always use 7 char hash prefix in build info version (#4857, @jberdine, fixes #4855)

  • Allow to explicitly disable/enable the use of dune subst by adding a new (subst <disable|enable>) stanza to the dune-project file. (#4864, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Simplify the way dune discovers the root of the workspace. It now stops at the first dune-workspace file it encounters, and fails if it finds neither a dune-workspace nor a dune-project file (#4921, fixes #4459, @jeremiedimino)

  • Dune no longer reads installed META files for libraries distributed with the compiler, instead using its own internal database. (#4946, @nojb)

  • Add support for (empty_module_interface_if_absent) in executable and library stanzas. (#4955, @nojb)

  • Add support for %{bin-available:...} (#4995, @jeremiedimino)

  • Make sure running git or hg in a sandboxed action, such as a cram test cannot escape the sandbox and pick up some random git or mercurial repository on the file system (#4996, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow %{read:...} in more places such as (enabled_if ...) (#4994, @jeremiedimino)

  • Run each action in its own process group so that we don't leave stray processes behind when killing actions (#4998, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add an option expand_aliases_in_sandbox (#5003, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow to cancel the initial scan via Control+C (#4460, fixes #4364 @jeremiedimino)

  • Add experimental support for directory targets (#3316, #5025, Andrey Mokhov), enabled via (using directory-targets 0.1) in dune-project.

  • Delete old promote-into, promote-until-clean and promote-until-clean-into syntax (#5091, Andrey Mokhov).

  • Add link_flags in the env stanza (#5215)

  • Bootstrap: ignore errors when trying to remove generated files. (#5407, @damiendoligez)

Dune 3.0.2

See full changelog
  • Fix compilation on MacOS SDK < 10.13. The native watch mode is disabled in such instances (#5431 fix #5430, @rgrinberg)

  • Do no add workspace_root to BUILD_PATH_PREFIX_MAP for projects before 3.0 (5448, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix performance regression in incremental builds (#5439, @snowleopard)

  • Fix digest computation bug introduced in 3.0.1 (#5451, @rgrinberg)

Dune 2.9.3

See full changelog
  • Disable warning for deprecated Toploop functions used in dune files written in OCaml syntax. Restores 4.02 compatibility. (#5381, @nojb)

Dune 2.9.2

See full changelog
  • Fix missing -linkall flag when linking library dune-sites.plugin ( #4348, @kakadu, @bobot, reported by @kakadu)

  • No longer reference deprecated Toploop functions when using dune files in OCaml syntax. (#4834, fixes #4830, @nojb)

  • Use the stag format API to be compatible with OCaml 5.0 (#5351, @emillon).

  • Fix post-processing of dune-package (fix #4389, @strub)

Dune 2.9.1

Dear all,

on behalf of the Dune team I'm pleased to announce the release of Dune 2.9.1.

This is a minor release, fixing an important problem with opam file generation when (lang dune 2.9) was set, and a few other minor fixes.

See full changelog
  • Don't use subst --root in Opam files (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4806, @MisterDA)

  • Fix compilation on Haiku (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4885, @Sylvain78)

  • Allow depending on ocamldoc library when ocamlfind is not installed. (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4811, fixes https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4809, @nojb)

  • Fix (enabled_if ...) for installed libraries (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4824, fixes https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4821, @dra27)

  • Create more future-proof opam files using --promote-install-files=false (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4860, @bobot)

Dune 2.9.0

Dear all, on behalf of the Dune team I'm pleased to announce the release of Dune 2.9.0. This is the last release on the Dune 2.x series and could be considered a maintenance release as it mostly consists on bug fixes and miscellaneous tweaks and features for sites, instrumentation, and mdx support.

See full changelog
  • Add (enabled_if ...) to (mdx ...) (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4434, @emillon)

  • Add support for instrumentation dependencies (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4210, fixes https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/3983, @nojb)

  • Add the possibility to use locks with the cram tests stanza (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4480, @voodoos)

  • Allow to set up merlin in a variant of the default context (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4145, @TheLortex, @voodoos)

  • Add (package ...) to (mdx ...) (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4691, fixes https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/3756, @emillon)

  • Handle renaming of coq.kernel library to coq-core.kernel in Coq 8.14 (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4713, @proux01)

  • Fix generation of merlin configuration when using (include_subdirs unqualified) on Windows (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4745, @nojb)

  • Fix bug for the install of Coq native files when using (include_subdirs qualified) (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4753, @ejgallego)

  • Allow users to specify install target directories for doc and etc sections. We add new options --docdir and --etcdir to both Dune's configure and dune install command. (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4744, fixes https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4723, @ejgallego, thanks to @JasonGross for reporting this issue)

  • Fix issue where Dune would ignore (env ... (coq (flags ...))) declarations appearing in dune files (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4749, fixes https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4566, @ejgallego @rgrinberg)

  • Disable some warnings on Coq 8.14 and (lang coq (>= 0.3)) due to the rework of the Coq "native" compilation system (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4760, @ejgallego)

  • Fix a bug where instrumentation flags would be added even if the instrumentatation was disabled (@nojb, https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4770)

  • Fix https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4682: option -p takes now precedence on environement variable DUNE_PROFILE (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4730, https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4774, @bobot, reported by @dra27 https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4632)

  • Fix installation with opam of package with dune sites. The .install file is now produced by a local dune install during the build phase (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4730, https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4645, @bobot, reported by @kit-ty-kate https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4198)

  • Fix multiple issues in the sites feature (https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4730, https://github.com/ocaml/dune/pull/4645 @bobot, reported by @Lelio-Brun https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4219, by @Kakadu https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4325, by @toots https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/4415)

Dune 2.8.5

See full changelog
  • Fixed absence of executable bit for installed .cmxs (#4149, fixes #4148, @bobot)

  • Fix a race in Dune cache. It was particularly easy to hit this race when using the cache on Windows (#4406, fixes #4167, @snowleopard)

Dune 2.8.4

See full changelog
  • Make patdiff show refined diffs (#4257, fixes #4254, @hakuch)

  • Fixed a bug that could result in needless recompilation under Windows due to case differences in the result of Sys.getcwd (observed under emacs). (#3966, @nojb).

  • Restore compatibility with Coq < 8.10 for coq-lang < 0.3 , document that (using coq 0.3) does require Coq 8.10 at least (#4224, fixes #4142, @ejgallego)

  • Add a META rule for compiler-libs.native-toplevel (#4175, @altgr)

  • No longer call chmod on symbolic links (fixes #4195, @dannywillems)

  • Have dune communicate the location of the standard library directory to merlin (#4211, fixes #4188, @nojb)

  • Workaround incorrect exception raised by Unix.utimes (OCaml PR#8857) in Path.touch on Windows. This fixes dune cache in direct mode on Windows. (#4223, @dra27)

  • dune ocaml-merlin is now able to provide configuration for source files in the _build directory. (#4274, @voodoos)

  • Automatically delete left-over Merlin files when rebuilding for the first time a project previously built with Dune <= 2.7. (#4261, @voodoos, @aalekseyev)

  • Fix ppx.exe being compiled for the wrong target when cross-compiling (#3751, fixes #3698, @toots)

  • dune top correctly escapes the generated toplevel directives, and make it easier for dune top to locate C stubs associated to concerned libraries. (#4242, fixes #4231, @nojb)

  • Do not pass include directories containing native objects when compiling bytecode (#4200, @nojb)

  • Fix crash when META file for compiler-libs.toplevel is present (@jeremiedimino, #4249)

Dune 2.8.2

See full changelog
  • Fixed wrong workspace discovery from dune ocaml-merlin (#4127, fixes #4125, @voodoos)

  • Fixed memory blow up introduced in 2.8.0 (#4144, fixes #4134, @jeremiedimino)

  • Configurator: always link the C libraries in the build command (#4088, @MisterDA).

Dune 2.8.0

On behalf of the dune, I'm pleased to announce the release of dune 2.8.0. This release contains many bug fixes, performance improvements, and interesting new features. I'll point out two new features that I'm most excited about.

First is the experimental dune_site extension that makes it possible to register and load plugins at runtime. This feature is quite involved, but we've documented it extensively in the manual.

Another cool feature is that we've eliminated the need for .merlin files and all the caveats that came with them. Now, merlin talks to dune directly to get precise configuration for every module. Say goodbye to all those "approximate .merlin file" warnings!

I encourage everyone to upgrade as soon as possible, as earlier versions are not compatible with OCaml 4.12. Happy Hacking.

See full changelog
  • dune rules accepts aliases and other non-path rules (#4063, @mrmr1993)

  • Action (diff reference test_result) now accept reference to be absent and in that case consider that the reference is empty. Then running dune promote will create the reference file. (#3795, @bobot)

  • Ignore special files (BLK, CHR, FIFO, SOCKET), (#3570, fixes #3124, #3546, @ejgallego)

  • Experimental: Simplify loading of additional files (data or code) at runtime in programs by introducing specific installation sites. In particular it allow to define plugins to be installed in these sites. (#3104, #3794, fixes #1185, @bobot)

  • Move all temporary files created by dune to run actions to a single directory and make sure that actions executed by dune also use this directory by setting TMPDIR (or TEMP on Windows). (#3691, fixes #3422, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix bootstrap script with custom configuration. (#3757, fixes #3774, @marsam)

  • Add the executable field to inline_tests to customize the compilation flags of the test runner executable (#3747, fixes #3679, @lubegasimon)

  • Add (enabled_if ...) to (copy_files ...) (#3756, @nojb)

  • Make sure Dune cleans up the status line before exiting (#3767, fixes #3737, @alan-j-hu)

  • Add {gitlab,bitbucket} as options for defining project sources with source stanza (source (<host> user/repo)) in the dune-project file. (#3813, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix generation of META and dune-package files when some targets (byte, native, dynlink) are disabled. Previously, dune would generate all archives for regardless of settings. (#3829, #4041, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not run ocamldep to for single module executables & libraries. The dependency graph for such artifacts is trivial (#3847, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix cram tests inside vendored directories not being interpreted correctly. (#3860, fixes #3843, @rgrinberg)

  • Add package field to private libraries. This allows such libraries to be installed and to be usable by other public libraries in the same project (#3655, fixes #1017, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix the %{make} variable on Windows by only checking for a gmake binary on UNIX-like systems as a unrelated gmake binary might exist on Windows. (#3853, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Fix $ dune install modifying the build directory. This made the build directory unusable when $ sudo dune install modified permissions. (fix #3857, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix handling of aliases given on the command line (using the @ and @@ syntax) so as to correctly handle relative paths. (#3874, fixes #3850, @nojb)

  • Allow link time code generation to be used in preprocessing executable. This makes it possible to use the build info module inside the preprocessor. (#3848, fix #3848, @rgrinberg)

  • Correctly call git ls-tree so unicode files are not quoted, this fixes problems with dune subst in the presence of unicode files. Fixes #3219 (#3879, @ejgallego)

  • dune subst now accepts common command-line arguments such as --debug-backtraces (#3878, @ejgallego)

  • dune describe now also includes information about executables in addition to that of libraries. (#3892, #3895, @nojb)

  • instrumentation backends can now receive arguments via (instrumentation (backend <name> <args>)). (#3906, #3932, @nojb)

  • Tweak auto-formatting of dune files to improve readability. (#3928, @nojb)

  • Add a switch argument to opam when context is not default. (#3951, @tmattio)

  • Avoid pager when running $ git diff (#3912, @AltGr)

  • Add (root_module ..) field to libraries & executables. This makes it possible to use library dependencies shadowed by local modules (#3825, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow (formatting ...) field in (env ...) stanza to set per-directory formatting specification. (#3942, @nojb)

  • [coq] In coq.theory, :standard for the flags field now uses the flags set in env profile flags (#3931 , @ejgallego @rgrinberg)

  • [coq] Add -q flag to :standard coqc flags , fixes #3924, (#3931 , @ejgallego)

  • Add support for Coq's native compute compilation mode (@ejgallego, #3210)

  • Add a SUFFIX directive in .merlin files for each dialect with no preprocessing, to let merlin know of additional file extensions (#3977, @vouillon)

  • Stop promoting .merlin files. Write per-stanza Merlin configurations in binary form. Add a new subcommand dune ocaml-merlin that Merlin can use to query the configuration files. The allow_approximate_merlin option is now useless and deprecated. Dune now conflicts with merlin < 3.4.0 and ocaml-lsp-server < 1.3.0 (#3554, @voodoos)

  • Configurator: fix a bug introduced in 2.6.0 where the configurator V1 API doesn't work at all when used outside of dune. (#4046, @aalekseyev)

  • Fix libexec and libexec-private variables. In cross-compilation settings, they now point to the file in the host context. (#4058, fixes #4057, @TheLortex)

  • When running $ dune subst, use project metadata as a fallback when package metadata is missing. We also generate a warning when (name ..) is missing in dune-project files to avoid failures in production builds.

  • Remove support for passing -nodynlink for executables. It was bypassed in most cases and not correct in other cases in particular on arm32. (#4085, fixes #4069, fixes #2527, @emillon)

  • Generate archive rules compatible with 4.12. Dune longer attempt to generate an archive file if it's unnecessary (#3973, fixes #3766, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix generated Merlin configurations when multiple preprocessors are defined for different modules in the same folder. (#4092, fixes #2596, #1212 and #3409, @voodoos)

  • Add the option use_standard_c_and_cxx_flags to dune-project that 1. disables the unconditional use of the ocamlc_cflags and ocamlc_cppflags from ocamlc -config in C compiler calls, these flags will be present in the :standard set instead; and 2. enables the detection of the C compiler family and populates the :standard set of flags with common default values when building CXX stubs. (#3875, #3802, fix #3718 and #3528, @voodoos)

Dune 2.8.1

See full changelog
  • Fixed dune --version printing n/a rather than the version

Dune 2.7.1

See full changelog
  • configurator: More flexible probing of #define. We allow duplicate values in the object file, as long as they are the same after parsing. (#3739, fixes #3736, @rgrinberg)

  • Record instrumentation backends in dune-package files. This makes it possible to use instrumentation backends defined in installed libraries (eg via OPAM). (#3735, @nojb)

  • Add missing .aux & .glob targets to coq rules (#3721, fixes #3437, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dune-package installation when META templates are present (#3743, fixes #3746, @rgrinberg)

  • Resolve symlinks before running $ git diff (#3750, fixes #3740, @rgrinberg)

  • Cram tests: when checking that all test directories contain a run.t file, skip empty directories. These can be left around by git. (#3753, @emillon)

Dune 2.7.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of dune 2.7.0. This release adds a couple of important features and many bug fixes. I'll just briefly summarize the two features, and let our improved documentation elaborate on the details.

The first one is first class support for instrumentation tools such as bisect_ppx and landmarks. This is one of the most requested dune features ever, and we're pleased to show you all what we've come up with

Special thanks to @stephanieyou & @nojb for implementing this feature. Many thanks to @aantron for tirelessly iterating on the end user experience with us.

While the features is looking quite good already, we consider it a "first take" on this subject. We welcome your experience reports and feature requests.

The second feature we're introducing this release is dune's cram testing framework. The cram framework is our secret weapon for making dune (relatively) bug free. I'll soon write up a dedicated post to give you a flavour of how it works. To those who can't wait, there's a new section in the documentation that explains everything.

As always, the change log is replicated below for your convenience.

Happy Hacking.

See full changelog
  • Write intermediate files in a .mdx folder for each mdx stanza to prevent the corresponding actions to be executed as part of the @all alias (#3659, @NathanReb)

  • Read Coq flags from env (#3547 , fixes #3486, @gares)

  • Allow bisect_ppx to be enabled/disabled via dune-workspace. (#3404, @stephanieyou)

  • Formatting of dune files is now done in the executing dune process instead of in a separate process. (#3536, @nojb)

  • Add a --debug-artifact-substution flag to help debug problem with version not being captured by dune-build-info (#3589, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow the use of the context_name variable in the enabled_if fields of executable(s) and install stanzas. (#3568, fixes #3566, @voodoos)

  • Fix compatibility with OCaml 4.12.0 when compiling empty archives; no .a file is generated. (#3576, @dra27)

  • $ dune utop no longer tries to load optional libraries that are unavailable (#3612, fixes #3188, @anuragsoni)

  • Fix dune-build-info on 4.10.0+flambda (#3599, @emillon, @jeremiedimino).

  • Allow multiple libraries with inline_tests to be defined in the same directory (#3621, @rgrinberg)

  • Run exit hooks in jsoo separate compilation mode (#3626, fixes #3622, @rgrinberg)

  • Add (alias ...), (mode ...) fields to (copy_fields ...) stanza (#3631, @nojb)

  • (copy_files ...) now supports copying files from outside the workspace using absolute file names (#3639, @nojb)

  • Dune does not use ocamlc as an intermediary to call C compiler anymore. Configuration flags ocamlc_cflags and ocamlc_cppflags are always prepended to the compiler arguments. (#3565, fixes #3346, @voodoos)

  • Revert the build optimization in #2268. This optimization slows down building individual executables when they're part of an executables stanza group (#3644, @rgrinberg)

  • Use {dev} rather than {pinned} in the generated .opam file. (#3647, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Insert correct extension name when editing dune-project files. Previously, dune would just insert the stanza name. (#3649, fixes #3624, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix crash when evaluating an mdx stanza that depends on unavailable packages. (#3650, @CraigFe)

  • Fix typo in cache-check-probablity field in dune config files. This field now requires 2.7 as it wasn't usable before this version. (#3652, @edwintorok)

  • Add "odoc" {with-doc} to the dependencies in the generated .opam files. (#3667, @kit-ty-kate)

  • Do not allow user actions to capture dune's stdin (#3677, fixes #3672, @rgrinberg)

  • (subdir ...) stanzas can now appear in dune files used via (include ...). (#3676, @nojb)

Dune 2.6.2

See full changelog
  • Fix compatibility with OCaml 4.12 (#3585, fixes #3583, @ejgallego)

Dune 2.6.1

See full changelog
  • Fix crash when caching is enabled (@rgrinberg, #3581, fixes #3580)

  • Do not use -output-complete-exe until 4.10.1 as it is broken in 4.10.0 (@jeremiedimino, #3187)

  • Fix crash when an unknown pform is found (such as %{unknown}) (#3560, @emillon)

  • Improve error message when invalid package names (such as the empty string) are passed to dune build -p. (#3561, @emillon)

  • Fix a stack overflow when displaying large outputs (including diffs) (#3537, fixes #2767, #3490, @emillon)

  • Pass -g when compiling ppx preprocessors (#3671, @rgrinberg)

Dune 2.6.0

See full changelog
  • Fix a bug where valid lib names in dune init exec --libs=lib1,lib2 results in an error. (#3444, fix #3443, @bikallem)

  • Add and enabled_ if field to the install stanza. Enforce the same variable restrictions for enabled_if fields in the executable and install stanzas than in the library stanza. When using dune lang < 2.6, the usage of forbidden variables in executables stanzas with only trigger a warning to maintain compatibility. (#3408 and #3496, fixes #3354, @voodoos)

  • Insert a constraint one the version of dune when the user explicitly specify the dependency on dune in the dune-project file (#3434 , fixes #3427, @diml)

  • Generate correct META files for sub-libraries (of the form lib.foo) that contain .js runtime files. (#3445, @hhugo)

  • Add a (no-infer ...) action that prevents inference of targets and dependencies in actions. (#3456, fixes #2006, @roddyyaga)

  • Correctly infer targets for the diff? action. (#3457, fixes #2990, @greedy)

  • Fix $ dune print-rules crashing (#3459, fixes #3440, @rgrinberg)

  • Simplify js_of_ocaml rules using js_of_ocaml.3.6 (#3375, @hhugo)

  • Add a new ocaml-merlin subcommand that can be used by Merlin to get configuration directly from dune instead of using .merlin files. (#3395, @voodoos)

  • Remove experimental variants feature and make default implementations part of the language (#3491, fixes #3483, @rgrinberg)

Dune 2.5.1

See full changelog
  • [coq] Fix install .v files for Coq theories (#3384, @lthms)

  • [coq] Fix install path for theory names with level greater than 1 (#3358, @ejgallego)

  • Fix a bug introduced in 2.0.0 where the [locks] field in rules with no targets had no effect. (@aalekseyev, report by @craigfe)

Dune 2.5.0

The dune team is pleased to announce the release of dune 2.5.0. This release has been brewing for a while and contains a few interesting features. I'll highlight some of the bigger ones:

  • The coq support has been thoroughly extended. There's now support for both composition of coq libraries in the same workspace and extraction of coq code to OCaml.

  • There's a new $ dune upgrade subcommand to help you upgrade dune files from 1.x to 2.x

  • $ dune utop will now load ppx preprocessors to the toplevel. Ppx authors might enjoy this style of interactive development.

  • There's a new (subdir ..) stanza that can be used to evaluate stanzas in sub directories. This makes it possible to have a single dune file for an entire project (generated or not).

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to dune 2.5.0. Your help is greatly appreciated.

See full changelog
  • Add a --release option meaning the same as -p but without the package filtering. This is useful for custom dune invocation in opam files where we don't want -p (#3260, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix a bug introduced in 2.4.0 causing .bc programs to be built with -custom by default (#3269, fixes #3262, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow contexts to be defined with local switches in workspace files (#3265, fix #3264, @rgrinberg)

  • Delay expansion errors until the rule is used to build something (#3261, fix #3252, @rgrinberg, @jeremiedimino)

  • [coq] Support for theory dependencies and compositional builds using new field (theories ...) (#2053, @ejgallego, @rgrinberg)

  • From now on, each version of a syntax extension must be explicitely tied to a minimum version of the dune language. Inconsistent versions in a dune-project will trigger a warning for version <=2.4 and an error for versions >2.4 of the dune language. (#3270, fixes #2957, @voodoos)

  • [coq] Bump coq lang version to 0.2. New coq features presented this release require this version of the coq lang. (#3283, @ejgallego)

  • Prevent installation of public executables disabled using the enabled_if field. Installation will now simply skip such executables instead of raising an error. (#3195, @voodoos)

  • dune upgrade will now try to upgrade projects using versions <2.0 to version 2.0 of the dune language. (#3174, @voodoos)

  • Add a top command to integrate dune with any toplevel, not just utop. It is meant to be used with the new #use_output directive of OCaml 4.11 (#2952, @mbernat, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow per-package version in generated opam files (#3287, @toots)

  • [coq] Introduce the coq.extraction stanza. It can be used to extract OCaml sources (#3299, fixes #2178, @rgrinberg)

  • Load ppx rewriters in dune utop and add pps field to toplevel stanza. Ppx extensions will now be usable in the toplevel (#3266, fixes #346, @stephanieyou)

  • Add a (subdir ..) stanza to allow evaluating stanzas in sub directories. (#3268, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a bug preventing one from running inline tests in multiple modes (#3352, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow the use of the %{profile} variable in the enabled_if field of the library stanza. (#3344, @mrmr1993)

  • Allow the use of %{ocaml_version} variable in enabled_if field of the library stanza. (#3339, @voodoos)

  • Fix dune build freezing on MacOS when cache is enabled. (#3249, fixes ##2973, @artempyanykh)

Dune 2.4.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of dune 2.4.0. This releases features support for mdx, an interesting take on the notebook paradigm by the RWO team. This release also includes a crucial fix to polling mode which makes it usable in environments with finite memory :slight_smile:.

Happy hacking!

See full changelog
  • Add mdx extension and stanza version 0.1 (#3094, @NathanReb)

  • Allow to make Odoc warnings fatal. This is configured from the (env ...) stanza. (#3029, @Julow)

  • Fix separate compilation of JS when findlib is not installed. (#3177, @nojb)

  • Add a dune describe command to obtain the topology of a dune workspace, for projects such as ROTOR. (#3128, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add plugin linking mode for executables and the (embed_in_plugin_libraries ...) field. (#3141, @nojb)

  • Add an %{ext_plugin} variable (#3141, @nojb)

  • Dune will no longer build shared objects for stubs if supports_shared_libraries is false (#3225, fixes #3222, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a memory leak in the file-watching mode (dune build -w) (#3220, @snowleopard and @aalekseyev)

Dune 2.3.1

See full changelog
  • Fix versioning of artifact variables (eg %{cmxa:...}), which were introduced in 2.0, not 1.11. (#3149, @nojb)

  • Fix a bug introduced in 2.3.0 where dune insists on using fswatch on linux (even when inotifywait is available). (#3162, @aalekseyev)

  • Fix a bug causing all executables to be considered as optional (#3163, @diml)

Dune 2.3.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm proud to announce the 2.3.0 release of dune. This release is particularly relevant for users of coq that use dune to build their theories, developers of coq that use dune to build their favorite theorem prover. I'd like to thank @ejgallego for all the hard work to improve dune in this regard.

I'd also like to point out the (strict_package_deps) option that is now available in project files. This option will now ask dune to validate the package dependencies specified in the package stanzas in your dune-project files.

Here's the full change list, and as always, happy hacking!

See full changelog
  • Improve validation and error handling of arguments to dune init (#3103, fixes #3046, @shonfeder)

  • dune init exec NAME now uses the NAME argument for private modules (#3103, fixes #3088, @shonfeder)

  • Avoid linear walk to detect children, this should greatly improve performance when a target has a large number of dependencies (#2959, @ejgallego, @aalekseyev, @Armael)

  • [coq] Add (boot) option to (coq.theories) to enable bootstrap of Coq's stdlib (#3096, @ejgallego)

  • [coq] Deprecate public_name field in favour of package (#2087, @ejgallego)

  • Better error reporting for "data only" and "vendored" dirs. Using these with anything else than a strict subdirectory or * will raise an error. The previous behavior was to just do nothing (#3056, fixes #3019, @voodoos)

  • Fix bootstrap on bytecode only switches on windows or where -j1 is set. (#3112, @xclerc, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow enabled_if fields in executable(s) stanzas (#3137, fixes #1690 @voodoos)

  • Do not fail if ocamldep, ocamlmklib, or ocaml are absent. Wait for them to be used to fail (#3138, @rgrinberg)

  • Introduce a strict_package_deps mode that verifies that dependencies between packages in the workspace are specified correctly. (@rgrinberg, #3117)

  • Make sure the @all alias is defined when no dune file is present in a directory (#2946, fix #2927, @jeremiedimino)

Dune 2.2.0

See full changelog
  • dune test is now a command alias for dune runtest. This is to make the CLI less idiosyncratic (#3006, @shonfeder)

  • Allow to set menhir flags in the env stanza using the menhir_flags field. (#2960, fix #2924, @bschommer)

  • By default, do not show the full command line of commands executed by dune when dune is executed inside dune. This is to make integration tests more reproducible (#3042, @diml)

  • dune subst now works even without opam files (#2955, fixes #2910, @fangyi-zhou and @diml)

  • Hint when trying to execute an executable defined in the current directory without using the ./ prefix (#3041, fixes #1094, @voodoos).

  • Extend the list of modifiers that can be nested under with-accepted-exit-codes with chdir, setenv, ignore-<outputs>, with-stdin-from and with-<outputs>-to (#3027, fixes #3014, @voodoos)

  • It is now an error to have a preprocessing dependency on a ppx rewriter library that is not marked as (kind ppx_rewriter) (#3039, @snowleopard).

  • Fix permissions of files promoted to the source tree when using the shared cache. In particular, make them writable by the user (#3043, fixes #3026, @diml)

  • Only detect internal OCaml tools with .opt extensions. Previously, this detection applied to other binaries as well (@kit-ty-kate, @rgrinberg, #3051).

  • Give the user a proper error message when they try to promote into a source directory that doesn't exist. (#3073, fix #3069, @rgrinberg)

  • Correctly build vendored packages in -p mode. These packages were incorrectly filtered out before. (#3075, @diml)

  • Do not install vendored packages (#3074, @diml)

  • make now prints a message explaining the main targets available (#3085, fix #3078, @diml)

  • Add a byte_complete executable mode to build programs as self-contained bytecode programs (#3076, fixes #1519, @diml)

Dune 2.1.3

See full changelog
  • Fix building the OCaml compiler with Dune (#3038, fixes #2974, @diml)

Dune 2.1.2

See full changelog
  • Fix a bug in the Fiber.finalize function of the concurrency monad of Dune, causing a race condition at the user level (#3009, fix #2958, @diml)

Dune 2.1.1

See full changelog
  • Attach cinaps stanza actions to both @runtest and @cinaps aliases (#2831, @NathanReb)

  • Add variables %{lib-private...} and %{libexec-private...} for finding build paths of files in public and private libraries within the same project. (#2901, @snowleopard)

  • Add --mandir option to $ dune install. This option allows to override the installation directory for man pages. (#2915, fixes #2670, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dune --version. The bootstrap didn't compute the version correctly. (#2929, fixes #2911, @diml)

  • Do not open the log file in dune clean. (#2965, fixes #2964 and #2921, @diml)

  • Support passing two arguments to =, <>, ... operators in package dependencies so that we can have things such as (<> :os win32) (#2965, @diml)

  • Guess foreign archives & native archives for libraries defined using the META format. (#2994, @rgrinberg, @anmonteiro)

  • Fix generation of .merlin files when depending on local libraries with more than one source directory. (#2983, @rgrinberg)

Dune 2.0.1

See full changelog
  • Delay errors raised by invalid dune-package files. The error is now raised only if the invalid package is treated as a library and used to build something. (#2972, @rgrinberg)

Dune 2.0.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm delighted to announce the release of dune 2.0. This release is the culmination of 4 months of hard work by the dune team and contains new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements . Here's a selection of new features that I personally find interesting:

  • New boostrap procedure that works in low memory environments
  • (deprecated_library_name ..) stanza to properly deprecate old library names
  • (foreign_library ..) stanza to define C/C++ libraries.
  • C stubs directly in OCaml executables

Refer to the change log for an exhaustive list.

We strive for a good out of the box experience that requires no configuration, so we've also tweaked a few defaults. In particular, $ dune build will now build @all instead of @install, and ocamlformat rules are setup by default.

Lastly, dune 2.0 sheds all the legacy related to jbuilder and will no longer build jbuilder projects. This change is necessary to ease maintenance and make it easier to add new features down the line. There are a few other minor breaking changes. Refer to the change log for the full list. We apologize in advance for any convenience this might cause.

Happy Hacking!

See full changelog
  • Remove existing destination files in install before installing the new ones. (#2885, fixes #2883, @bschommer)

  • The action field in the alias stanza is not available starting lang dune 2.0. The alias field in the rule stanza is a replacement. (#2846, fixes 2681, @rgrinberg)

  • Introduce alias and package fields to the rule stanza. This is the preferred way of attaching rules to aliases. (#2744, @rgrinberg)

  • Add field (optional) for executable stanzas (#2463, fixes #2433, @bobot)

  • Infer targets for rule stanzas expressed in long form (#2494, fixes #2469, @NathanReb)

  • Indicate the progress of the initial file tree loading (#2459, fixes #2374, @bobot)

  • Build .cm[ox] files for executables more eagerly. This speeds up builds at the cost of building unnecessary artifacts in some cases. Some of these extra artifacts can fail to built, so this is a breaking change. (#2268, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not put the <package>.install files in the source tree unless -p or --promote-install-files is passed on the command line (#2329, @jeremiedimino)

  • Compilation units of user defined executables are now mangled by default. This is done to prevent the accidental collision with library dependencies of the executable. (#2364, fixes #2292, @rgrinberg)

  • Enable (explicit_js_mode) by default. (#1941, @nojb)

  • Add an option to clear the console in-between builds with --terminal-persistence=clear-on-rebuild

  • Stop symlinking object files to main directory for stanzas defined jbuild files (#2440, @rgrinberg)

  • Library names are now validated in a strict fashion. Previously, invalid names would be allowed for unwrapped libraries (#2442, @rgrinberg)

  • mli only modules must now be explicitly declared. This was previously a warning and is now an error. (#2442, @rgrinberg)

  • Modules filtered out from the module list via the Ordered Set Language must now be actual modules. (#2442, @rgrinberg)

  • Actions which introduce targets where new targets are forbidden (e.g. preprocessing) are now an error instead of a warning. (#2442, @rgrinberg)

  • No longer install a jbuilder binary. (#2441, @jeremiedimino)

  • Stub names are no longer allowed relative paths. This was previously a warning and is now an error (#2443, @rgrinberg).

  • Define (paths ...) fields in (context ...) definitions in order to set or extend any PATH-like variable in the context environment. (#2426, @nojb)

  • The diff action will always normalize newlines before diffing. Perviousy, it would not do this normalization for rules defined in jbuild files. (#2457, @rgrinberg)

  • Modules may no longer belong to more than one stanza. This was previously allowed only in stanzas defined in jbuild files. (#2458, @rgrinberg)

  • Remove support for jbuild-ignore files. They have been replaced by the the dirs stanza in dune files. (#2456, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a new config option sandboxing_preference, the cli argument --sandbox, and the dep spec sandbox in dune language. These let the user control the level of sandboxing done by dune per rule and globally. The rule specification takes precedence. The global configuration merely specifies the default. (#2213, @aalekseyev, @jeremiedimino)

  • Remove support for old style subsystems. Dune will now emit a warning to reinstall the library with the old style subsystem. (#2480, @rgrinberg)

  • Add action (with-stdin-from ) to redirect input from when performing . (#2487, @nojb)

  • Change the automatically generated odoc index to only list public modules. This only affects unwrapped libraries (#2479, @rgrinberg)

  • Set up formatting rules by default. They can be configured through a new (formatting) stanza in dune-project (#2347, fixes #2315, @emillon)

  • Change default target from @install to @all. (#2449, fixes #1220, @rgrinberg)

  • Include building stubs in @check rules. (@rgrinberg, #2530)

  • Get rid of ad-hoc rules for guessing the version. Dune now only relies on the version written in the dune-project file and no longer read VERSION or similar files (#2541, @jeremiedimino)

  • In (diff? x y) action, require x to exist and register a dependency on that file. (#2486, @aalekseyev)

  • On Windows, an .exe suffix is no longer added implicitly to binary names that already end in .exe. Second, when resolving binary names, .opt variants are no longer chosen automatically. (#2543, @nojb)

  • Make (diff? x y) move the correction file (y) away from the build directory to promotion staging area. This makes corrections work with sandboxing and in general reduces build directory pollution. (#2486, @aalekseyev, fixes #2482)

  • c_flags, c_names and cxx_names are now supported in executable and executables stanzas. (#2562, @nojb) Note: this feature has been subsequently extended into a separate foreign_stubs field. (#2659, RFC #2650, @snowleopard)

  • Remove git integration from $ dune upgrade (#2565, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a --disable-promotion to disable all modification to the source directory. There's also a corresponding DUNE_DISABLE_PROMOTION environment variable. (#2588, fix #2568, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a forbidden_libraries field to prevent some library from being linked in an executable. This help detecting who accidently pulls in unix for instance (#2570, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix incorrect error message when a variable is expanded in static context: %{lib:lib:..} when the library does not exist. (#2597, fix #1541, @rgrinberg)

  • Add --sections option to $ dune install to install subsections of .install files. This is useful for installing only the binaries in a workspace for example. (#2609, fixes #2554, @rgrinberg)

  • Drop support for jbuild and jbuild-ignore files (#2607, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add a dune-action-plugin library for describing dependencies direcly in the executable source. Programs that use this feature can be run by a new action (dynamic-run ...). (#2635, @staronj, @aalekseyev)

  • Stop installing the ocaml-syntax-shims binary. In order to use future_syntax, one now need to depend on the ocaml-syntax-shims package (#2654, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add support for dependencies that are re-exported. Such dependencies are marked withre_export and will automatically be provided to users of a library (#2605, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a deprecated_library_name stanza to redirect old names after a library has been renamed (#2528, @jeremiedimino)

  • Error out when a preprocessor_deps field is present but not preprocess field is. It is a warning with Dune 1.x projects (#2660, @Julow)

  • Dune will use -output-complete-exe instead of -custom when compiling self-contained bytecode executables whenever this options is available (OCaml version >= 4.10) (#2692, @nojb)

  • Add action (with-accepted-exit-codes <pred> <action>) to specify the set of successful exit codes of <action>. <pred> is specified using the predicate language. (#2699, @nojb)

  • Do not setup rules for disabled libraries (#2491, fixes #2272, @bobot)

  • Configurator: filter out empty flags from pkg-config (#2716, @AltGr)

  • no_keep_locs is a no-op for projects that use lang dune older than 2.0. In projects where the language is at least 2.0, the field is now forbidden. (#2752, fixes #2747, @rgrinberg)

  • Extend support for foreign sources and archives via the (foreign_library ...) stanza as well as the (foreign_stubs ...) and (foreign_archives ...) fields. (#2659, RFC #2650, @snowleopard)

  • Add (deprecated_package_names) field to (package) declaration in dune-project. The names declared here can be used in the (old_public_name) field of (deprecated_library_name) stanza. These names are interpreted as library names (not prefixed by a package name) and appropiate redirections are setup in their META files. This feaure is meant to migrate old libraries which do not follow Dune's convention of prefixing libraries with the package name. (#2696, @nojb)

  • The fields license, authors, maintainers, source, bug_reports, homepage, and documentation of dune-project can now be overriden on a per-package basis. (#2774, @nojb)

  • Change the default modes field of executables to (mode exe). If one wants to build a bytecode program, it now needs to be explicitly requested via (modes byte exe). (#2851, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow ccomp_type as a variable for evaluating enabled_if. (#2855, @dra27, @rgrinberg)

  • Stricter validation of file names in select. The file names of conditional sources must match the prefix and the extension of the resultant filename. (#2867, @rgrinberg)

  • Add flag disable_dynamically_linked_foreign_archives to the workspace file. If the flag is set to true then: (i) when installing libraries, we do not install dynamic foreign archives dll*.so; (ii) when building executables in the byte mode, we statically link in foreign archives into the runtime system; (iii) we do not generate any dll*.so rules. (#2864, @snowleopard)

  • Reimplement the bootstrap procedure. The new procedure is faster and should no longer stack overflow (#2854, @dra27, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow .opam.template files to be generated using rules (#2866, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.11.4

See full changelog
  • Allow to mark directories as data_only_dirs without including them as dirs (#2619, fix #2584, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix reading .install files generated with an external --build-dir. (#2638, fix #2629, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.11.3

See full changelog
  • Fix a ppx hash collision in watch mode (#2546, fixes #2520, @diml)

Dune 1.11.2

See full changelog
  • Remove the optimisation of passing -nodynlink for executables when not necessary. It seems to be breaking things (see #2527, @diml)

  • Fix invalid library names in dune-package files. Only public names should exist in such files. (#2558, fix #2425, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.11.1

See full changelog
  • Fix config file dependencies of ocamlformat (#2471, fixes #2464, @nojb)

  • Cleanup stale directories when using (source_tree ...) in the presence of directories with only sub-directories and no files (#2514, fixes #2499, @diml)

Dune 1.11.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of dune 1.11.0. This release contains quite a few new interesting features such as custom dialects: anyone can define their own OCaml based syntax. Is anyone up to revive the revised syntax? :slight_smile: I'd also like to highlight the the re-launch of variants feature in a sounder form, a new build-info library that queries build information, and that dune init can initialize an entire project. But of course, by far the most important thing is that the compiler's colours are now back :champagne:

See full changelog
  • Don't select all local implementations in dune utop. Instead, let the default implementation selection do its job. (#2327, fixes #2323, @TheLortex, review by @rgrinberg)

  • Check that selected implementations (either by variants or default implementations) are indeed implementations. (#2328, @TheLortex, review by @rgrinberg)

  • Don't reserve the Ppx toplevel module name for ppx rewriters (#2242, @jeremiedimino)

  • Redesign of the library variant feature according to the #2134 proposal. The set of variants is now computed when the virtual library is installed. Introducing a new external_variant stanza. (#2169, fixes #2134, @TheLortex, review by @jeremiedimino)

  • Add proper line directives when copying .cc and .cxx sources (#2275, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix error message for missing C++ sources. The .cc extension was always ignored before. (#2275, @rgrinberg)

  • Add $ dune init project subcommand to create project boilerplate according to a common template. (#2185, fixes #159, @shonfeder)

  • Allow to run inline tests in javascript with nodejs (#2266, @hhugo)

  • Build ppx.exe as compiling host binary. (#2286, fixes #2252, @toots, review by @rgrinberg and @jeremiedimino)

  • Add a cinaps extension and stanza for better integration with the cinaps tool tool (#2269, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow to embed build info in executables such as version and list and version of statically linked libraries (#2224, @jeremiedimino)

  • Set version in META and dune-package files to the one read from the vcs when no other version is available (#2224, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add a variable %{target} to be used in situations where the context requires at most one word, so %{targets} can be confusing; stdout redirections and "-o" arguments of various tools are the main use case; also, introduce a separate field target that must be used instead of targets in those situations. (#2341, @aalekseyev)

  • Fix dependency graph of wrapped_compat modules. Previously, the dependency on the user written entry module was omitted. (#2305, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow to promote executables built with an executable stanza (#2379, @jeremiedimino)

  • When instantiating an implementation with a variant, make sure it matches virtual library's list of known implementations. (#2361, fixes #2322, @TheLortex, review by @rgrinberg)

  • Add a variable %{ignoring_promoted_rules} that is true when --ingore-promoted-rules is passed on the command line and false otherwise (#2382, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix a bug in future_syntax where the characters @ and & were not distinguished in the names of binding operators (let@ was the same as let&) (#2376, @aalekseyev, @jeremiedimino)

  • Workspaces with non unique project names are now supported. (#2377, fix #2325, @rgrinberg)

  • Improve opam generation to include the dune dependencies with the minimum constraint set based on the dune language version specified in the dune-project file. (2383, @avsm)

  • The order of fields in the generated opam file now follows order preferred in opam-lib. (@avsm, #2380)

  • Fix coloring of error messages from the compiler (@jeremiedimino, #2384)

  • Add warning 66 to default set of warnings starting for dune projects with language verison >= 1.11 (@rgrinberg, @jeremiedimino, fixes #2299)

  • Add (dialect ...) stanza (@nojb, #2404)

  • Add a --context argument to dune install/uninstall (@jeremiedimino, #2412)

  • Do not warn about merlin files pre 1.9. This warning can only be disabled in 1.9 (#2421, fixes #2399, @emillon)

  • Add a new inline_tests field in the env stanza to control inline_tests framework with a variable (#2313, @mlasson, original idea by @jeremiedimino, review by @rgrinberg).

  • New binary kind js for executables in order to explicitly enable Javascript targets, and a switch (explicit_js_mode) to require this mode in order to declare JS targets corresponding to executables. (#1941, @nojb)

Dune 1.10.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the 1.10.0 release of dune. This release is packed with bug fixes, but it also introduces a few interesting features. I'll highlight one important feature that we've introduced and plan to improve in future versions:

Dune allows you to specify package metadata in the dune project file and generate an appropriate opam file. This is advantageous to writing opam files manually as dune will correctly fill in some boilerplate such as the build command:

Here's a snippet from dune's own project file as a demonstration:

(generate_opam_files true) ;; necessary to enbale the generation

(license MIT)
(maintainers "Jane Street Group, LLC <opensource@janestreet.com>")
(authors "Jane Street Group, LLC <opensource@janestreet.com>")
(source (github ocaml/dune))
(documentation "https://dune.readthedocs.io/")

 (name dune)
  (ocaml (>= 4.02))
  (jbuilder (<> "transition"))
  (odoc (< 1.3.0))
  (dune-release (< 1.3.0)))
 (synopsis "Fast, portable and opinionated build system")
 (description "<redacted>"))

Generating the opam file is done via $ dune build @check (the @install, and @all aliases will also work).

Later, we plan to have dune do some sanity checks on the depends field. In the more distant future, we might even skip the generation step altogether by having opam invoke dune to get the generated opam file directly.

See full changelog
  • Restricted the set of variables available for expansion in the destination filename of install stanza to simplify implementation and avoid dependency cycles. (#2073, @aalekseyev, @jeremiedimino)

  • [menhir] call menhir from context root build_dir (#2067, @ejgallego, review by @jeremiedimino, @rgrinberg)

  • [coq] Add coq.pp stanza to help with pre-processing of grammar files (#2054, @ejgallego, review by @rgrinberg)

  • Add a new more generic form for the promote mode: (promote (until-clean) (into <dir>)) (#2068, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow to promote only a subset of the targets via (promote (only <pred>)). For instance: (promote (only *.mli)) (#2068, @jeremiedimino)

  • Improve the behavior when a strict subset of the targets of a rule is already in the source tree for projects using the dune language < 1.10 (#2068, fixes #2061, @jeremiedimino)

  • With lang dune >= 1.10, rules in standard mode are no longer allowed to produce targets that are present in the source tree. This has been a warning for long enough (#2068, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow %{...} variables in pps flags (#2076, @mlasson review by @jeremiedimino and @aalekseyev).

  • Add a 'cookies' option to ppx_rewriter/deriver flags in library stanzas. This allow to specify cookie requests from variables expanded at each invocation of the preprocessor. (#2106, @mlasson @jeremiedimino)

  • Add more opam metadata and use it to generate .opam files. In particular, a package field has been added to specify package specific information. (#2017, #2091, @avsm, @jonludlam, @rgrinberg)

  • Clean up the special support for findlib.dynload. Before, Dune would simply match on the library name. Now, we only match on the findlib package name when the library doesn't come from Dune. Someone writing a library called findlib.dynload with Dune would have to add (special_builtin_support findlib_dynload) to trigger the special behavior. (#2115, @jeremiedimino)

  • Install the future_syntax preprocessor as ocaml-syntax-shims.exe (#2125, @rgrinberg)

  • Hide full command on errors and warnings in development and show them in CI. (detected using the CI environment variable). Commands for which the invocation might be omitted must output an error prefixed with File . Add an --always-show-command-line option to disable this behavior and always show the full command. (#2120, fixes #1733, @rgrinberg)

  • In dune-workspace files, add the ability to choose the host context and to create duplicates of the default context with different settings. (#2098, @TheLortex, review by @jeremiedimino, @rgrinberg and @aalekseyev)

  • Add support for hg in dune subst (#2135, @jeremiedimino)

  • Don't build documentation for implementations of virtual libraries (#2141, fixes #2138, @jonludlam)

  • Fix generation of the -pp flag in .merlin (#2142, @rgrinberg)

  • Make dune subst add a (version ...) field to the dune-project file (#2148, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add the %{os_type} variable, which is a short-hand for %{ocaml-config:os_type} (#1764, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow enabled_if fields in library stanzas, restricted to the %{os_type}, %{model}, %{architecture}, %{system} variables (#1764, #2164 @jeremiedimino, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix chdir on external and source paths. Dune will also fail gracefully if the external or source path does not exist (#2165, fixes #2158, @rgrinberg)

  • Support the .cc extension fro C++ sources (#2195, fixes #83, @rgrinberg)

  • Run ocamlformat relative to the context root. This improves the locations of errors. (#2196, fixes #1370, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix detection of README, LICENSE, CHANGE, and HISTORY files. These would be undetected whenever the project was nested in another workspace. (#2194, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix generation of .merlin whenever there's more than one stanza with the same ppx preprocessing specification (#2209 ,fixes #2206, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix generation of .merlin in the presence of the copy_files stanza and preprocessing specifications of other stanazs. (#2211, fixes #2206, @rgrinberg)

  • Run refmt from the context's root directory. This improves error messages in case of syntax errors. (#2223, @rgrinberg)

  • In .merlin files, don't pass -dump-ast to the future_syntax preprocessor. Merlin doesn't seem to like it when binary AST is generated by a -pp preprocessor. (#2236, @aalekseyev)

  • dune install will verify that all files mentioned in all .install files exist before trying to install anything. This prevents partial installation of packages (#2230, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.9.2

See full changelog
  • Put back library variants in development mode. We discovered a serious unexpected issue and we might need to adjust the design of this feature before we are ready to commit to a final version. Users will need to write (using library_variants 0.1) in their dune-project file if they want to use it before the design is finalized. (#2116, @diml)

  • Forbid to attach a variant to a library that implements a virtual library outside the current project (#2104, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a bug where dune install would install man pages to incorrect paths when compared to opam-installer. For example dune now installs (foo.1 as man1/foo.1) correctly and previously that was installed to man1/man1/foo.1. (#2105, @aalekseyev)

  • Do not fail when a findlib directory doesn't exist (#2101, fix #2099, @diml)

  • [coq] Rename (coqlib ...) to (coq.theory ...), support for coqlib will be dropped in the 1.0 version of the Coq language (#2055, @ejgallego)

  • Fix crash when calculating library dependency closure (#2090, fixes #2085, @rgrinberg)

  • Clean up the special support for findlib.dynload. Before, Dune would simply match on the library name. Now, we only match on the findlib package name when the library doesn't come from Dune. Someone writing a library called findlib.dynload with Dune would have to add (special_builton_support findlib_dynload) to trigger the special behavior. (#2115, @diml)

  • Include permissions in the digest of targets and dependencies (#2121, fix #1426, @rgrinberg, @xclerc)

Dune 1.9.3

See full changelog
  • Fix .install files not being generated (#2124, fixes #2123, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.9.1

See full changelog
  • Fix invocation of odoc to add previously missing include paths, impacting mld files that are not in directories containing libraries (#2016, fixes #2007, @jonludlam)

Dune 1.9.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of Dune 1.9.0. This release introduces a few exciting new features:

  • A tagging mechanism for implementations called variants
  • The ability to build libraries in the Coq proof assistant.
  • A new dune init command to help users quickly generate boilerplate and get start with dune projects (contributed by @shonfeder)

I would like to thank Lucas Pluvinage and @ejgallego for contributing the first two features respectively. They've also collaborated on a blog post to describe these features in detail.

See full changelog
  • Warn when generated .merlin does not reflect the preprocessing specification. This occurs when multiple stanzas in the same directory use different preprocessing specifications. This warning can now be disabled with allow_approx_merlin (#1947, fix #1946, @rgrinberg)

  • Watch mode: display "Success" in green and "Had errors" in red (#1956, @emillon)

  • Fix glob dependencies on installed directories (#1965, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for library variants and default implementations. (#1900, @TheLortex)

  • Add experimental $ dune init command. This command is used to create or update project boilerplate. (#1448, fixes #159, @shonfeder)

  • Experimental Coq support (fix #1466, @ejgallego)

  • Install .cmi files of private modules in a .private directory (#1983, fix #1973 @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dune subst attempting to substitute on directories. (#2000, fix #1997, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not list private modules in the generated index. (#2009, fix #2008, @rgrinberg)

  • Warn instead of failing if an opam file fails to parse. This opam file can still be used to define scope. (#2023, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not crash if unable to read a directory when traversing to find root (#2024, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not exit dune if some source directories are unreadable. Instead, warn the user that such directories need to be ignored (#2004, fix #310, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix nested (binaries ..) fields in the env stanza. Previously, parent binaries fields would be ignored, but instead they should be combined. (#2029, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow "." in c_names and cxx_names (#2036, fix #2033, @rgrinberg)

  • Format rules: if a dune file uses OCaml syntax, do not format it. (#2014, fix #2012, @emillon)

Dune 1.8.2

See full changelog
  • Fix auto-generated index.mld. Use correct headings for the listing. (#1925, @rgrinberg, @aantron)

Dune 1.8.1

See full changelog
  • Correctly write dune-package when version is empty string (#1919, fix #1918, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.8.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce release 1.8. The highlight of this release is a standalone preprocessor that allows OCaml programs to use the new let bindings introduced in 1.8 and still be compatible with OCaml versions all the way back to 4.02.

This release includes some important contributions from a new contributor: @aalekseyev. So I would like to use this opportunity to welcome him to the team. Thanks Arseniy!

See full changelog
  • Clean up watch mode polling loop: improves signal handling and error handling during polling (#1912, fix #1907, fix #1671, @aalekseyev)

  • Change status messages during polling to be one-line, so that the messages are correctly erased by ^K. (#1912, @aalekseyev)

  • Add support for .cxx extension for C++ stubs (#1831, @rgrinberg)

  • Add DUNE_WORKSPACE variable. This variable is equivalent to setting --workspace in the command line. (#1711, fix #1503, @rgrinberg)

  • Add c_flags and cxx_flags to env profile settings (#1700 and #1800, @gretay-js)

  • Format dune printenv output (#1867, fix #1862, @emillon)

  • Add the (promote-into <dir>) and `(promote-until-clean-into

    )` modes for `(rule ...)` stanzas, so that files can be promoted in another directory than the current one. For instance, this is used in merlin to promote menhir generated files in a directory that depends on the version of the compiler (#1890, @jeremiedimino)
  • Improve error message when dune subst fails (#1898, fix #1897, @rgrinberg)

  • Add more GC counters to catapult traces (fix908, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a preprocessor shim for the let+ syntax of OCaml 4.08 (#1899, implements #1891, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix generation of .merlin files on Windows. \ characters needed to be escaped (#1869, @mlasson)

  • Fix 0 error code when $ dune format-dune-file fails. (#1915, fix #1914, @rgrinberg)

  • Configurator: deprecated query_expr and introduced query_expr_err which is the same but with a better error in case it fails. (#1886, @ejgallego)

  • Make sure (menhir (mode promote) ...) stanzas are ignored when using --ignore-promoted-rules or -p (#1917, @jeremiedimino)

Dune 1.7.3

See full changelog
  • Fix interpretation of META files containing archives with / in the filename. For instance, this was causing llvm to be unusable with dune (#1889, fix #1885, @diml)

  • Make errors about menhir stanzas be located (#1881, fix #1876, @diml)

Dune 1.7.2

See full changelog
  • Add ${corrected-suffix}, ${library-name} and a few other variables to the list of variables to upgrade. This fixes the support for various framework producing corrections (#1840, #1853, @diml)

  • Fix $ dune subst failing because the build directory wasn't set. (#1854, fix #1846, @rgrinberg)

  • Configurator: Add warning to Pkg_config.query when a full package expression is used. Add Pkg_config.query_expr for cases when the full power of pkg-config's querying is needed (#1842, fix #1833, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix unavailable, optional implementations eagerly breaking the build (#1857, fix #1856, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.7.1

See full changelog
  • Fix the watch mode (#1837, #1839, fix #1836, @diml)

  • Configurator: Fix misquoting when running pkg-config (#1835, fix #1833, @Chris00)

Dune 1.7.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of dune 1.7.0. This release is the biggest release since 1.0 and I'm excited to present it to you. The change log is quite long so I'll summarize the most noteworthy changes:

  • The jbuilder binary and jbuild files are officially deprecated. But not to worry, we've created a $ dune upgrade command to do the hard work for you.

  • The virtual libraries feature has made it to 1.7.0. I've blogged about it before

  • There's now a mode to disable transitive dependencies. This mode still has some caveats because it lacks proper compiler support. But we welcome user reports regarding its usability.

  • Dune now has a --trace-file to profile slow builds using shiny flame graphs in Chrome.

See full changelog
  • Second step of the deprecation of jbuilder: the jbuilder binary now emits a warning on every startup and both jbuilder and dune emit warnings when encountering jbuild files (#1752, @jeremiedimino)

  • Change the layout of build artifacts inside _build. The new layout enables optimizations that depend on the presence of .cmx files of private modules (#1676, @bobot)

  • Fix merlin handling of private module visibility (#1653 @bobot)

  • unstable-fmt: use boxes to wrap some lists (#1608, fix #1153, @emillon, thanks to @rgrinberg)

  • skip directories when looking up programs in the PATH (#1628, fixes #1616, @jeremiedimino)

  • Use lsof on macOS to implement --stats (#1636, fixes #1634, @xclerc)

  • Generate dune-package files for every package. These files are installed and read instead of META files whenever they are available (#1329, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix preprocessing for libraries with (include_subdirs ..) (#1624, fix #1626, @nojb, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not generate targets for archive that don't match the modes field. (#1632, fix #1617, @rgrinberg)

  • When executing actions, open files lazily and close them as soon as possible in order to reduce the maximum number of file descriptors opened by Dune (#1635, #1643, fixes #1633, @jonludlam, @rgrinberg, @jeremiedimino)

  • Reimplement the core of Dune using a new generic memoization system (#1489, @rudihorn, @jeremiedimino)

  • Replace the broken cycle detection algorithm by a state of the art one from this paper (#1489, @rudihorn)

  • Get the correct environment node for multi project workspaces (#1648, @rgrinberg)

  • Add dune compute to call internal memoized functions (#1528, @rudihorn, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add --trace-file option to trace dune internals (#1639, fix #1180, @emillon)

  • Add --no-print-directory (borrowed from GNU make) to suppress Entering directory messages. (#1668, @dra27)

  • Remove --stats and track fd usage in --trace-file (#1667, @emillon)

  • Add virtual libraries feature and enable it by default (#1430 fixes #921, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix handling of Control+C in watch mode (#1678, fixes #1671, @jeremiedimino)

  • Look for jsoo runtime in the same dir as the js_of_ocaml binary when the ocamlfind package is not available (#1467, @nojb)

  • Make the seq package available for OCaml >= 4.07 (#1714, @rgrinberg)

  • Add locations to error messages where a rule fails to generate targets and rules that require files outside the build/source directory. (#1708, fixes #848, @rgrinberg)

  • Let Configurator handle sizeof (in addition to negative numbers). (#1726, fixes #1723, @Chris00)

  • Fix an issue causing menhir generated parsers to fail to build in some cases. The fix is to systematically use -short-paths when calling ocamlc -i (#1743, fix #1504, @jeremiedimino)

  • Never raise when printing located errors. The code that would print the location excerpts was prone to raising. (#1744, fix #1736, @rgrinberg)

  • Add a dune upgrade command for upgrading jbuilder projects to Dune (#1749, @jeremiedimino)

  • When automatically creating a dune-project file, insert the detected name in it (#1749, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add (implicit_transitive_deps <bool>) mode to dune projects. When this mode is turned off, transitive dependencies are not accessible. Only listed dependencies are directly accessible. (#1734, #430, @rgrinberg, @hnrgrgr)

  • Add toplevel stanza. This stanza is used to define toplevels with libraries already preloaded. (#1713, @rgrinberg)

  • Generate .merlin files that account for normal preprocessors defined using a subset of the action language. (#1768, @rgrinberg)

  • Emit (orig_src_dir <path>) metadata in dune-package for dune packages built with --store-orig-source-dir command line flag (also controlled by DUNE_STORE_ORIG_SOURCE_DIR env variable). This is later used to generate .merlin with S-directives pointed to original source locations and thus allowing merlin to see those. (#1750, @andreypopp)

  • Improve the behavior of dune promote when the files to be promoted have been deleted. (#1775, fixes #1772, @jeremiedimino)

  • unstable-fmt: preserve comments (#1766, @emillon)

  • Pass flags correctly when using staged_pps (#1779, fixes #1774, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix an issue with the use of (mode promote) in the menhir stanza. It was previously causing intermediate mock files to be promoted (#1783, fixes #1781, @jeremiedimino)

  • unstable-fmt: ignore files using OCaml syntax (#1784, @emillon)

  • Configurator: Add which function to replace the which command line utility in a cross platform way. (#1773, fixes #1705, @Chris00)

  • Make configurator append paths to $PKG_CONFIG_PATH on macOS. Previously it was prepending paths and thus $PKG_CONFIG_PATH set by users could have been overridden by homebrew installed libraries (#1785, @andreypopp)

  • Disallow c/cxx sources that share an object file in the same stubs archive. This means that foo.c and foo.cpp can no longer exist in the same library. (#1788, @rgrinberg)

  • Forbid use of %{targets} (or ${@} in jbuild files) inside preprocessing actions (#1812, fixes #1811, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add DUNE_PROFILE environment variable to easily set the profile. (#1806, @rgrinberg)

  • Deprecate the undocumented (no_keep_locs) field. It was only necessary until virtual libraries were supported (#1822, fix #1816, @jeremiedimino)

  • Rename unstable-fmt to format-dune-file and remove its --inplace option. (#1821, @emillon).

  • Autoformatting: (using fmt 1.1) will also format dune files (#1821, @emillon).

  • Autoformatting: record dependencies on .ocamlformat-ignore files (#1824, fixes #1793, @emillon)

Dune 1.6.3

The dune team is pleased to announce the bug fix release of Dune 1.6.3. Normally, we don't bother announcing all bug fix releases, but this one contains quite a few fixes. I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to upgrade. Cheers.

See full changelog
  • Fix merlin handling of private module visibility (#1653 @bobot)

  • skip directories when looking up programs in the PATH (#1628, fixes #1616, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix preprocessing for libraries with (include_subdirs ..) (#1624, fix #1626, @nojb, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not generate targets for archive that don't match the modes field. (#1632, fix #1617, @rgrinberg)

  • When executing actions, open files lazily and close them as soon as possible in order to reduce the maximum number of file descriptors opened by Dune (#1635, #1643, fixes #1633, @jonludlam, @rgrinberg, @jeremiedimino)

  • Do not generate targets for archive that don't match the modes field. (#1632, fix #1617, @rgrinberg)

  • Get the correct environment node for multi project workspaces (#1648, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix an issue causing menhir generated parsers to fail to build in some cases. The fix is to systematically use -short-paths when calling ocamlc -i (#1743, fix #1504, @jeremiedimino)

Dune 1.6.2

See full changelog
  • Fix regression introduced by #1554 reported in: https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/734#issuecomment-444177134 (#1612, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dune external-lib-deps when preprocessors are not installed (#1607, @diml)

Dune 1.6.1

See full changelog
  • Fix hash collision for on-demand ppx rewriters once and for all (#1602, fixes #1524, @diml)

  • Add dune external-lib-deps --sexp --unstable-by-dir so that the output can be easily processed by a machine (#1599, @diml)

Dune 1.6.0

The dune team is pleased to announce the release of Dune 1.6.0. This release does not contain any notable features or bug fixes that need to be specifically pointed out. Nevertheless, I expect that this will be a quality of life improvement to power users who have experienced dune's sharper corners.

Happy hacking!

See full changelog
  • Expand variables in install stanzas (#1354, @mseri)

  • Add predicate language support for specifying sub directories. This allows the use globs, set operations, and special values in specifying the sub directories used for the build. For example: (dirs :standard \ lib*) will use all directories except those that start with lib. (#1517, #1568, @rgrinberg)

  • Add binaries field to the (env ..) stanza. This field sets and overrides binaries for rules defined in a directory. (#1521, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a crash caused by using an extension in a project without dune-project file (#1535, fix #1529, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow %{bin:..}, %{exe:..}, and other static expansions in the deps field. (#1155, fix #1531, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix bad interaction between on-demand ppx rewriters and using multiple build contexts (#1545, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix handling of installed .dune files when the backend is declared via a dune file (#1551, fixes #1549, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add a --stats command line option to record resource usage (#1543, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix dune build @doc deleting highlight.pack.js on rebuilds, after the first build (#1557, @aantron).

  • Allow targets to be directories, which Dune will treat opaquely (#1547, @jordwalke)

  • Support for OCaml 4.08: List.t is now provided by OCaml (#1561, @ejgallego)

  • Exclude the local esy directory (_esy) from the list of watched directories (#1578, @andreypopp)

  • Fix the output of dune external-lib-deps (#1594, @jeremiedimino)

  • Introduce data_only_dirs to replace ignored_subdirs. ignored_subdirs is deprecated since 1.6. (#1590, @rgrinberg)

  • Add dune external-lib-deps --sexp --unstable-by-dir so that the output can be easily processed by a machine (#1599, @jeremiedimino)

Dune 1.5.1

See full changelog
  • Fix dune utop <dir> when invoked from a sub-directory of the project (#1520, fix #1518, @diml)

  • Fix bad interaction between on-demand ppx rewriters and polling mode (#1525, fix #1524, @diml)

Dune 1.5.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the 1.5.0 release of dune. This release does not contain any major features, but it does contain a few notable bug fixes and a couple of useful little additions. First of all, $ dune exec now supports C-c again - I know this affected many of you. This releases introduces a couple of new aliases that will hopefully find their way into your workflows.

The first alias is @all and has been much requested by our users. $ dune build @dir/all will build all user defined targets in a the directory dir. This would include binaries, libraries, and user defined targets in dir. This alias should have been the defaulted instead of @install when running $ dune build, but we'll have to wait until dune 2.0 to make this compatibility breaking change. In the mean time, I highly recommend everyone to use $ dune build @all instead of $ dune build meanwhile. You may also set the default alias per project as well:

 (name default)
 (deps (alias_rec all)))

The second new alias is @check. It is inspired by cargo's check subcommand and roughly corresponds to type checking the project and building all artifacts necessary for editor integration - cmt, cmti's, .merlin, etc. This is the fastest target to verify that a project is in a valid state. Note that this alias will not relink binaries so it might not catch errors such as missing stubs. I find this alias handy when doing large, type driven refactoring of a codebase.

The rest of the change log is replicated below. Happy hacking!

See full changelog
  • Filter out empty paths from OCAMLPATH and PATH (#1436, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not add the lib.cma.js target in lib's directory. Put this target in a sub directory instead. (#1435, fix #1302, @rgrinberg)

  • Install generated OCaml files with a .ml rather than a .ml-gen extension (#1425, fix #1414, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow to use the bigarray library in >= 4.07 without ocamlfind and without installing the corresponding otherlib. (#1455, @nojb)

  • Add @all alias to build all targets defined in a directory (#1409, fix #1220, @rgrinberg)

  • Add @check alias to build all targets required for type checking and tooling support. (#1447, fix #1220, @rgrinberg)

  • Produce the odoc index page with the content wrapper to make it consistent with odoc's theming (#1469, @rizo)

  • Unblock signals in processes started by dune (#1461, fixes #1451, @jeremiedimino)

  • Respect OCAMLFIND_TOOLCHAIN and add a toolchain option to contexts in the workspace file. (#1449, fix #1413, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix error message when using copy_files stanza to copy files from a non sub directory with lang set to dune < 1.3 (#1486, fixes #1485, @NathanReb)

  • Install man pages in the correct subdirectory (#1483, fixes #1441, @emillon)

  • Fix version syntax check for test stanza's action field. Only emits a warning for retro-compatibility (#1474, fixes #1471, @NathanReb)

  • Fix interpretation of paths in env stanzas (#1509, fixes #1508, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add context_name expansion variable (#1507, @rgrinberg)

  • Use shorter paths for generated on-demand ppx drivers. This is to help Windows builds where paths are limited in length (#1511, fixes #1497, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix interpretation of environment variables under setenv. Also forbid dynamic environment names or values (#1503, @rgrinberg).

Dune 1.4.0

The dune team is pleased to announce the 1.4.0 release of Dune. The highlight of this release is the improved support for menhir, in particular the long awaited --infer flag. This seemingly small feature took quite a bit of coordination between the maintainers of dune and menhir. So I'd like to thank @fpottier for helping us out with this by adding better support for dune in menhir itself, and implementing the majority of the support in dune as well.

The rest of the release is mostly bug fixes, but one notable feature is that dune is now C-c friendly. Dune will now resume exactly where it's stopped after interruption instead of restarting the entire build.

EDIT: I actually forgot to mention that this release also includes integration with ocamlformat due to @emillon. Initially, I had thought that this feature was released in 1.3.0. Sorry about that!

See full changelog
  • Do not fail if the output of ocamlc -config doesn't include standard_runtime (#1326, @jeremiedimino)

  • Let Configurator.V1.C_define.import handle negative integers (#1334, @Chris00)

  • Re-execute actions when a target is modified by the user inside _build (#1343, fix #1342, @jeremiedimino)

  • Pass --set-switch to opam (#1341, fix #1337, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix bad interaction between multi-directory libraries the menhir stanza (#1373, fix #1372, @jeremiedimino)

  • Integration with automatic formatters (#1252, fix #1201, @emillon)

  • Better error message when using (self_build_stubs_archive ...) and (c_names ...) or (cxx_names ...) simultaneously. (#1375, fix #1306, @nojb)

  • Improve name detection for packages when the prefix isn't an actual package (#1361, fix #1360, @rgrinberg)

  • Support for new menhir rules (#863, fix #305, @fpottier, @rgrinberg)

  • Do not remove flags when compiling compatibility modules for wrapped mode (#1382, fix #1364, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix reason support when using staged_pps (#1384, @charlesetc)

  • Add support for enabled_if in rule, menhir, ocamllex, ocamlyacc (#1387, @jeremiedimino)

  • Exit gracefully when a signal is received (#1366, @jeremiedimino)

  • Load all defined libraries recursively into utop (#1384, fix #1344, @rgrinberg)

  • Allow to use libraries bytes, result and uchar without findlib installed (#1391, @nojb)

  • Take argument to self_build_stubs_archive into account. (#1395, @nojb)

  • Fix bad interaction between env customization and vendored projects: when a vendored project didn't have its own env stanza, the env stanza from the enclosing project was in effect (#1408, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix stop early bug when scanning for watermarks (#1423, @struktured)

Dune 1.3.0

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Dune 1.3.0. This release does not contain many features, but it does contain a few important bug fixes. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Happy Hacking.

See full changelog
  • Support colors on Windows (#1290, @jeremiedimino)

  • Allow dune.configurator and base to be used together (#1291, fix #1167, @jeremiedimino)

  • Support interrupting and restarting builds on file changes (#1246, @kodek16)

  • Fix findlib-dynload support with byte mode only (#1295, @bobot)

  • Make dune rules -m output a valid makefile (#1293, @jeremiedimino)

  • Expand variables in (targets ..) field (#1301, #1320, fix #1189, @nojb, @rgrinberg, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix a race condition on Windows that was introduced in 1.2.0 (#1304, fix #1303, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix the generation of .merlin files to account for private modules (@rgrinberg, fix #1314)

  • Exclude the local opam switch directory (_opam) from the list of watched directories (#1315, @dysinger)

  • Fix compilation of the module generated for findlib.dynload (#1317, fix #1310, @jeremiedimino)

  • Lift restriction on copy_files and copy_files# stanzas that files to be copied should be in a subdirectory of the current directory. (#1323, fix #911, @nojb)

Dune 1.2.1

Dune 1.2.1 includes a few critical bug fixes over 1.2.0. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

On behalf of the dune team,

Happy hacking.

See full changelog
  • Enrich the dune Emacs mode with syntax highlighting and indentation. New file dune-flymake to provide a hook dune-flymake-dune-mode-hook to enable linting of dune files. (#1265, @Chris00)

  • Pass link_flags to cc when compiling with Configurator.V1.c_test (#1274, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix digest calculation of aliases. It should take into account extra bindings passed to the alias (#1277, fix #1276, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a bug causing dune to fail eagerly when an optional library isn't available (#1281, @jeremiedimino)

  • ocamlmklib should use response files only if ocaml >= 4.08 (@1268, @bryphe)

Dune 1.2.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm pleased to announce the release of Dune 1.2.0. This release contains many new goodies which I will not describe here. This is because Etienne Millon has prepared a blog post for this release: https://tarides.com/2018-09-06-dune-1-2-0.html

I'd also like to personally thank him for all work he's done to make this release so great.

As usual, the change log is replicated below for your convenience.

Happy hacking!

See full changelog
  • Ignore stderr output when trying to find out the number of jobs available (#1118, fix #1116, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix error message when the source directory of copy_files does not exist. (#1120, fix #1099, @emillon)

  • Highlight error locations in error messages (#1121, @emillon)

  • Display actual stanza when package is ambiguous (#1126, fix #1123, @emillon)

  • Add dune unstable-fmt to format dune files. The interface and syntax are still subject to change, so use with caution. (#1130, fix #940, @emillon)

  • Improve error message for dune utop without a library name (#1154, fix #1149, @emillon)

  • Fix parsing ocamllex stanza in jbuild files (#1150, @rgrinberg)

  • Highlight multi-line errors (#1131, @anuragsoni)

  • Do no try to generate shared libraries when this is not supported by the OS (#1165, fix #1051, @jeremiedimino)

  • Fix Flags.write_{sexp,lines} in configurator by avoiding the use of Stdune.Path (#1175, fix #1161, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for findlib.dynload: when linking an executable using findlib.dynload, automatically record linked in libraries and findlib predicates (#1172, @bobot)

  • Add support for promoting a selected list of files (#1192, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add an emacs mode providing helpers to promote correction files (#1192, @jeremiedimino)

  • Improve message suggesting to remove parentheses (#1196, fix #1173, @emillon)

  • Add (wrapped (transition "..message..")) as an option that will generate wrapped modules but keep unwrapped modules with a deprecation message to preserve compatibility. (#1188, fix #985, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix the flags passed to the ppx rewriter when using staged_pps (#1218, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add (env var) to add a dependency to an environment variable. (#1186, @emillon)

  • Add a simple version of a polling mode: dune build -w keeps running and restarts the build when something change on the filesystem (#1140, @kodek16)

  • Cleanup the way we detect the library search path. We no longer call opam config var lib in the default build context (#1226, @jeremiedimino)

  • Make test stanzas honor the -p flag. (#1236, fix #1231, @emillon)

  • Test stanzas take an optional (action) field to customize how they run (#1248, #1195, @emillon)

  • Add support for private modules via the private_modules field (#1241, fix #427, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for passing arguments to the OCaml compiler via a response file when the list of arguments is too long (#1256, @jeremiedimino)

  • Do not print diffs by default when running inside dune (#1260, @jeremiedimino)

  • Interpret $ dune build dir as building the default alias in dir. (#1259, @rgrinberg)

  • Make the dynlink library available without findlib installed (#1270, fix #1264, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.1.1

See full changelog
  • Fix $ jbuilder --dev (#1104, fixes #1103, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix dune exec when --build-dir is set to an absolute path (#1105, fixes #1101, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix duplicate profile argument in suggested command when an external library is missing (#1109, #1106, @emillon)

  • -opaque wasn't correctly being added to modules without an interface. (#1108, fix #1107, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix validation of library name fields and make sure this validation also applies when the name is derived from the public_name. (#1110, fix #1102, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix a bug causing the toplevel env stanza in the workspace file to be ignored when at least one context had (merlin) (#1114, @diml)

Dune 1.1.0

On behalf of the dune team, I'm proud to announce the 1.1.0 release of dune. This release contains a few interesting features that I won't describe in this post, because I've already written a dedicated blog post about this release: http://rgrinberg.com/posts/dune-upcoming-1-1/

See full changelog
  • Fix lookup of command line specified files when --root is given. Previously, passing in --root in conjunction with --workspace or --config would not work correctly (#997, @rgrinberg)

  • Add support for customizing env nodes in workspace files. The env stanza is now allowed in toplevel position in the workspace file, or for individual contexts. This feature requires (dune lang 1.1) (#1038, @rgrinberg)

  • Add enabled_if field for aliases and tests. This field controls whether the test will be ran using a boolean expression language. (#819, @rgrinberg)

  • Make name, names fields optional when a public_name, public_names field is provided. (#1041, fix #1000, @rgrinberg)

  • Interpret X in --libdir X as relative to PREFIX when X is relative (#1072, fix #1070, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add support for multi directory libraries by writing (include_subdirs unqualified) (#1034, @jeremiedimino)

  • Add (staged_pps ...) to support staged ppx rewriters such as ones using the OCaml typer like ppx_import (#1080, fix #193, @jeremiedimino)

  • Use -opaque in the dev profile. This option trades off binary quality for compilation speed when compiling .cmx files. (#1079, fix #1058, @rgrinberg)

  • Fix placeholders in dune subst documentation (#1090, @emillon, thanks @trefis for the bug report)

  • Add locations to errors when a missing binary in PATH comes from a dune file (#1096, fixes #1095, @rgrinberg)

Dune 1.0.1

See full changelog
  • Fix parsing of %{lib:name:file} forms (#1022, fixes #1019, @diml)

Dune 1.0.0

It is my pleasure to announce the 1.0.0 release of Dune!

Dune is a built system for OCaml and Reason projects. It aims at building things fast and providing a smooth user experience.

Dune 1.0.0 is now available on github and in opam.

This is a big milestone for the project as it is the first release using the new Dune name that the community helped to choose. Dune started about a year and a half ago as the more narrow scoped Jbuilder and as since then proven itself to be the right tool for the job.

A big part of the work for this release was preparing the project for long-term support. Dune is the kind of project that will pretty much continue to evolve forever: it needs to keep up with the OCaml compiler evolving, development workflows changing, new kinds of tools with specific needs, etc... While doing so, it also needs to offer stability so that projects released now will continue to build with future versions of Dune.

Meeting these two constraints is a challenge. However, we had to do this for the renaming: we changed many things in Dune using what we learned from the Jbuilder experience. Still, Dune is able to understand and build Jbuilder projects. The mechanism used to support both Jbuilder and Dune projects is fully generic and will be the basis for future evolution.

You can find the full list of changes and bug fixes since Jbuilder 1.0+beta20 on the github release page. Following is an overview of some the new features:

  • General cleanup of the syntax: less parentheses, better behaved variables

  • Introduction of a dune.configurator library to help projects with C stubs detect and query the environment

  • General improvement of the default behavior: more parallelism by default, development mode by default

  • Better support for changing the defaults: it is now possible to set the default flags or change what dune build does by default

  • Support for setting the build directory

  • Better support for expectation tests on Windows