OCaml Workshop 2023

Seattle, Washington, United States
01 Jun 2023
Abstract submission deadline
06 Jul 2023
Author notification
09 Sep 2023
OCaml Workshop

OCaml Workshop 2023 took place during ICFP 2023, in Seattle, Washington, United States.

ACM Sigplan ICFP page: OCaml Workskop 2023

The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop brings together the OCaml community, including users of OCaml in industry, academia, hobbyists, and the free software community.

All Presentations

Title Authors Resources
Eio 1.0 – Effects-Based I/O for OCaml 5 Thomas Leonard, Patrick Ferris, Christiano Haesbaert, Lucas Pluvinage, Vesa Karvonen, Sudha Parimala, KC Sivaramakrishnan, Vincent Balat, Anil Madhavapeddy Link
Buck2 for OCaml Users & Developers Shayne Fletcher, Neil Mitchell Link
Building a Lock-Free STM for OCaml Vesa Karvonen, Bartosz Modelski, Carine Morel, Thomas Leonard, KC Sivaramakrishnan, YSS Narasimha Naidu, Sudha Parimala Link
Efficient OCaml Compilation With Flambda 2 Pierre Chambart, Vincent LAVIRON, Mark Shinwell Link
Flambda 2 Types: An Abstract Domain for Static Analysis of Functional Programs Vincent LAVIRON, Pierre Chambart, Mark Shinwell Link
Less Power for More Learning: Restricting OCaml Features for Effective Teaching Max Lang, Nico Petzendorfer Link
MetaOCaml Theory and Implementation Oleg Kiselyov Link
Modern DSL Compiler Architecture in OCaml Our Experience With Catala Louis Gesbert, Denis Merigoux Link
Osiris: An Iris-Based Program Logic for OCaml Arnaud Daby-Seesaram, François Pottier, Armaël Guéneau Link
Owi: An Interpreter and a Toolkit for WebAssembly Written in OCaml Léo Andrès, Pierre Chambart, Eric Patrizio, Dario Pinto Link
Parallel Sequences in Multicore OCaml Andrew Tao Link
Runtime Detection of Data Races in OCaml with ThreadSanitizer Olivier Nicole, Fabrice Buoro Link
Safe and Efficient Generic Functions With MacoCaml Dmitrij Szamozvancev, Leo White, Ningning Xie, Jeremy Yallop Link
State of the OCaml Platform 2023 Thibaut Mattio, Anil Madhavapeddy, Thomas Gazagnaire, David Allsopp Link
Targeted Static Analysis for OCaml C Stubs: Eliminating gremlins from the code Edwin Török Link
Wasocaml: A Compiler From OCaml to WebAssembly Léo Andrès, Pierre Chambart Link

Workshop Details

Program Committee
Kenichi Asai (Ochanomizu University), Jonah Beckford (Diskuv), Raja Boujbel (OCamlPro), Chris Casinghino (Jane Street), Nathanaëlle Courant (OCamlPro), Jacques Garrigue (Nagoya University), Kiran Gopinathan (National University of Singapore), Oleg Kiselyov (Tohoku University), Andrey Mokhov (Jane Street), Benoît Montagu (Inria), Sudha Parimala (Tarides), Matija Pretnar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research, Redmond), Claude Rubinson (University of Houston-Downtown), Gabriel Scherer (INRIA Saclay)