OCaml Workshop 2022

Ljubljana, Slovenia

OCaml Workshop 2022 took place during ICFP 2022, in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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The OCaml Users and Developers Workshop brings together the OCaml community, including users of OCaml in industry, academia, hobbyists, and the free software community.

Video recordings will be available on the Sigplan YouTube Channel and on Watch OCaml.

03 Jun 2022
Abstract submission deadline
15 Jul 2022
Author notification
16 Sep 2022
OCaml Workshop

All Presentations

Title Authors Resources
Composing Schedulers Using Effect Handlers Deepali Ande, KC Sivaramakrishnan
Continuous Monitoring of OCaml Applications Using Runtime Events Sadiq Jaffer, Patrick Ferris
Copying opam Switches - It Should Just Work™ David Allsopp
Efficient “Out of Heap” Pointers for Multicore OCaml Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni
Highest-Performance Stream Processing Oleg Kiselyov, Tomoaki Kobayashi, Aggelos Biboudis, Nick Palladinos
Homogeneous Builds with OBuilder and OCaml Tim McGilchrist, David Allsopp, Patrick Ferris, Antonin Décimo, Thomas Leonard, Anil Madhavapeddy, Kate Deplaix
Introducing the Bindoj Library, a Datatype-Centric Generative Programming Library for Real-World Programming in OCaml Haochen M. Kotoi-Xie, Hirotetsu Hongo, Yuta Sato, Shinya Yamaguchi
Memo: An Incremental Computation Library That Powers Dune Andrey Mokhov, Arseniy Alekseyev
Multicoretests - Parallel Testing Libraries for OCaml 5.0 Jan Midtgaard, Olivier Nicole, Nicolas Osborne
OCamello: A Course and Summer School with Learn-OCaml Roberto Blanco, Ricardo J. Rodríguez
OCaml 5.0 - Concurrent and Parallel programming for OCaml KC Sivaramakrishnan
Stack Allocation for OCaml Stephen Dolan, Leo White
Supporting a Decade of Opam David Allsopp, Raja Boujbel, Kate Deplaix, Louis Gesbert
Supporting FLAT Concepts in Learn-OCaml: Seeing is Believing; Programming is Understanding Artur Miguel Dias, Simão Melo de Sousa, Antonio Ravara
Tracing OCaml Programs Darius Foo, Wei-Ngan Chin

Workshop Details

Program Committee
Matija Pretnar (University of Ljublijana, Solvenia), Louis Gesbert (OCamlPro, France), Oleg Kiselyov (Tohoku University, Japan), Daan Leijen (Microsoft Research, USA), Andrey Mokhov (Jane Street, UK), Benoît Montagu (Inria, France), Zoe Paraskevopoulou (Northeastern University, USA), Matija Pretnar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Gabriel Radanne (Inria, France), Takafumi Saikawa (Nagoya University, Japan), KC Sivaramakrishnan (IIT Madras and Tarides, India), Beta Ziliani (FAMAF, UNC and Manas.Tech, Argentina)

Some Videos

Composing Schedulers using Effect Handlers
Composing Schedulers using Effect Handlers Deepali Ande (IIT Madras) KC Sivaramakrishnan (IIT Madras and Tarides) OCaml 5 introduces effect handlers as a mechanism for con- current programming. With effect handlers, concurrency can be expre...
Continuous Monitoring of OCaml Applications Using Runtime Events
The upcoming 5.0 release of OCaml includes a new runtime tracing system designed for continuous monitoring of OCaml applications called Runtime Events. It enables very low overhead, programmatic access to performance data emitted by the OCaml runt...
Copying opam switches – it should Just Work™
Copying opam switches – it should Just Work™ David Allsopp (Tarides UK) OCaml’s ecosystem centres around compilation from source code, rather than precompiled binaries. The compiler itself is only provided as a source distribution and OCaml’...
Efficient “out of heap” pointers for multicore OCaml
Efficient “out of heap” pointers for multicore OCaml Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni (INRIA) This paper reports an experiment with a large pages allocator for the OCaml runtime, with measured performance improvements. A large pages allocator (als...
Highest-performance Stream Processing
Highest-performance Stream Processing Oleg Kiselyov (Tohoku University, Japan) Tomoaki Kobayashi (Tohoku University) Aggelos Biboudis (Oracle) Nick Palladinos (Nessos Information Technologies, SA) We present the stream processing library ...
Homogeneous builds with OBuilder and OCaml
Homogeneous builds with OBuilder and OCaml Tim McGilchrist (Tarides) David Allsopp (Tarides UK) Patrick Ferris (Tarides) Antonin Décimo (Tarides) Thomas Leonard (Tarides UK) Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge, UK) Kate Deplaix (Ta...