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The OCaml Platform

The OCaml Platform represents the best way for developers, both new and old, to write software in OCaml. It combines the core OCaml compiler with a coherent set of tools, documentation, libraries and testing resources.

Each element of the platform lives at a different point in the lifecycle of being a Platform tool:

  1. Incubation: New tools that fill a gap in the ecosystem but are not quite ready for wide-scale release and adoption.
  2. Active: The work-horse tools that are used daily with strong backwards compatibility guarantees from the community.
  3. Sustain: Tools that will not likely see any major feature added but can be used reliably even if not being actively developed.
  4. Deprecate: Tools that are gradually being phased out of use with clear paths to better workflows.


  • Opam

    A source-based OCaml package manager

  • Dune

    A build tool that has been widely adopted in the OCaml ecosystem

  • Ppxlib

    A collection of useful tools for writing PPX libraries

  • UTOP

    OCaml's Universal Top Level

  • Opam-publish

    A tool for publishing packages to the opam repository

  • Merlin

    Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim and Emacs


  • Odoc

    Documentation generator for OCaml

  • Mdx

    Executable code blocks in your markdown

  • Lsp-server

    an OCaml implementation of the Language Server Protocol (LSP)

  • Dune-release

    A CLI tool for easier packaging and publishing with opam, dune and Github

  • Bun

    A CLI tool making fuzz testing easier


  • Omp

    A conversion tool for major version of the OCaml parsetree

  • OCamlfind

    A library manager for OCaml packages


  • Oasis

    A build tool for OCaml programs

  • Camlp4

    A tool for writing extensible parsers