package virtual_dom

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Module type
Class type
module Attr := Virtual_dom.Vdom.Attr
module Node := Virtual_dom.Vdom.Node
type node_creator := ?key:string -> ?attr:Attr.t -> Node.t list -> Node.t
val wrap_in_element_if_necessary : Node.t -> Node.Element.t

If node is an Element, do nothing other than returning that Element. Otherwise put a div around the node and return the div's Element.

val add_style : Node.t -> style:Css_gen.t -> Node.t

Change the style attribute of a node. Calls wrap_in_element_if_necessary.

val as_box : [ `Row | `Column ] -> ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator -> node_creator

Turn a node_creator into a node_creator that sets the style information on the node to be a flexbox. We also set the flex attribute flex-shrink to 0 if it isn't set (but we leave it alone if it happens to be set).

val as_hbox : ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator -> node_creator
val as_vbox : ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator -> node_creator
val grow : Node.t -> Node.t

Set flex-grow to 1 on the given Node.

val grow_and_shrink : Node.t -> Node.t

Set flex-grow and flex-shrink to 1 on the given Node.

val scrollable : Node.t -> Node.t

Make this a child of a flexbox that can scroll (e.g. if its content is bigger than the size given to it by the parent container, scrollbars will appear)

val hbox : ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator

Convenience wrapper same as as_hbox Node.div.

val vbox : ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator

Convenience wrapper same as as_vbox Node.div.

val spacer : ?attrs:Attr.t list -> ?min_width:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?min_height:Css_gen.Length.t -> unit -> Node.t

a blank div element

val body : ?direction:[ `Row | `Column ] -> ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator

box (default direction=`Column), width = 100vh, height = 100vh

val modal : ?direction:[ `Row | `Column ] -> ?gap:Css_gen.Length.t -> ?align_items:Css_gen.item_alignment -> node_creator

Display nodes (layouted as a box) in a smaller window on top of everything else (with everything else grayed out and inaccessible via the mouse). Note that this renders a border but no control elements (not even a button to close the window)


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