package touist

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Requires yices2 Process an evaluated AST in order to solve it with Yices2.

val ast_to_yices : Touist.Types.AstSet.elt -> 'term * (string, 'term) Hashtbl.t
val string_of_model : ?value_sep:string -> (string, 'term) Hashtbl.t -> 'model -> string

Turn a model into a string.

val solve : string -> 'term -> 'model option

solve logic form solves the Yices2 formula form. logic can be "QF_LIA", "QF_LRA"...

val logic_supported : string -> bool

Tell if this logic string (e.g., QF_LIA) is supported by Yices2.

val enabled : bool

Is this library enabled? (requires yices2 to be installed)


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