package touist

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Transform any AST (at any stage of transformation) to a string.

val string_of_ast : ?utf8:bool -> ?show_var:(Types.AstSet.elt -> string) -> ?debug:bool -> ?parenthesis:bool -> Types.AstSet.elt -> string

string_of_ast ast takes an abstract syntaxic tree ast and turn it into a string using its content. ~debug:true allows to include all user-hidden AST stuff. ~show_var:f passes f each time. (????) ~utf8:true will output utf-8 symbols instead of plain text, e.g., ∃, ∈, ⋀ instead of exists, in, and. ~parenthesis:true will display more parenthesis than usual in order to show the priority on operators.

NOTE: the parenthesis param has not been implemented yet (!!).

val string_of_ast_list : ?utf8:bool -> ?show_var:(Types.AstSet.elt -> string) -> ?debug:bool -> ?parenthesis:bool -> string -> Types.AstSet.elt list -> string

string_of_ast_list sep ast_list does the same as string_of_ast except that it prints a list of ast separated by the string sep.

val string_of_ast_type : ?debug:bool -> Types.Ast.t -> string

string_of_ast_type gives the type of an AST.


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