package touist

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Transform any AST (at any stage of transformation) to latex.

Note that the headers are not included; if you want to compile the resulting latex text in a real latex document, you would need to add (fr example):

  % thing produced by latex_of_ast

Some details on the latex code produced:

  • tuple-propositions p(a,b,c) turn into p_a,b,c
  • variables are displayed in bold font and '$' is removed
  • we use \mathbf{} for setting bold font on variables. We could use \bm{} (which is a more appropriate way of using bold-font in the math env as it keeps the 'italic' way of displaying math) but \usepackage{bm} does not work with most tools: MathJax (javascript), jlatexmath (java).
val latex_of_ast : full:bool -> Types.AstSet.elt -> string

latex_of_ast turns an AST into latex. Two latex variants are targeted:

  • for light latex processors (mathjax, jlatexmath), you should use ~full:false
  • for fully-featured latex processors, you can use ~full:true.


val ast_fun : (bool -> Types.Ast.t -> bool) -> bool -> Types.Ast.t -> bool

ast_fun will apply f on all *formula*-related elements of the AST where cond is true. The tranversal order should not be considered. Whenever a non-formula is given, acc will be immediatly returned.

val contains_newline : Types.Ast.t -> bool
val is_binary_op : Types.Ast.t -> bool
val contains_binary_op : Types.Ast.t -> bool

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