package tezos-dac-lib

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type t

t is a representation of committee member signature.

encoding dac_plugin returns the t Data_encoding.t given a dac_plugin.

make root_hash signature pkh creates a t. In addition, it ensures that the underlying Aggregate_signature.t always corresponds to Unknown variant.

Motivation for the Unknown variant: Unknown variant uses "asig" JSON prefix, whereas Bls12_381 variant uses "BLsig" JSON prefix. To ensure consistent signature prefix, when data is exchanged accross the DAC network we use Unknown variant only.

val get_root_hash : t -> Dac_plugin.raw_hash

get_root_hash signature returns a root hash of a given signature representation.

get_signature signature returns an aggregated signature of a given signature representation.

get_signer_pkh signature returns a signer public key hash of a given signature representation.


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