package terminal

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Module type
Class type
type t

The type of colours that can be rendered to a terminal.

4-bit ANSI colours

Colours built using ansi will be rendered using the standard 4-bit ANSI escape codes for terminals. The actual colours displayed to the user depend on their terminal configuration / theme, ensuring that they look natural in context.

type plain = [
  1. | `black
  2. | `blue
  3. | `cyan
  4. | `green
  5. | `magenta
  6. | `red
  7. | `white
  8. | `yellow
val ansi : [ plain | `bright of plain ] -> t

24-bit RGB colours

Most modern terminals offer support for full 24-bit RGB colour (called "true colour") in addition to the 16 original ANSI colours. These colours are rendered exactly as requested, offering greater flexibility at the risk of clashing with the user's theming.

val rgb : int -> int -> int -> t

rgb r g b is the RGB24 colour with the given red, green and blue colour components respectively. Raises Invalid_argument if any of the components are outside the range [0, 255].

val hex : string -> t

hex s is the RGB24 colour given by the hex triplet s, which must start with #. Examples:

  • hex "#FF8C00" = rgb 0xFF 0x8C 0x00
  • hex "#fa0" = rgb 0xFF 0xAA 0x00

Raises Invalid_argument if the given string is not a #-prefixed hex triplet.

val pp_dump : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Pretty-print a colour with an unspecified format.