package stdune

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Module type
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Temporary file management

This module provides a high-level interface for temporary files. It ensures that all temporary files created by the application are systematically cleaned up on exit.

type what =
  1. | Dir
  2. | File
val temp_in_dir : ?perms:int -> what -> dir:Path.t -> prefix:string -> suffix:string -> Path.t

Create a temporary file or directory inside an existing directory.

val create : ?perms:int -> what -> prefix:string -> suffix:string -> Path.t
val destroy : what -> Path.t -> unit
val clear_dir : Path.t -> unit

Delete the contents of a temporary directory without deleting the directory itself.

val temp_file : dir:Path.t -> prefix:string -> suffix:string -> Path.t

temp_file ~dir ~prefix ~suffix creates a temporary file in dir. The base name of the file is prefix_num_suffix, where num is a random integer number. Note that the file must be created to reserve the name in dir and prevent other processes from taking it concurrently. If you need a temporary file that does not exist on disk, you can create a temporary directory and safely use any file name there.

val with_temp_file : dir:Path.t -> prefix:string -> suffix:string -> f:(Path.t Or_exn.t -> 'a) -> 'a

Like temp_file, but passes the temporary file to the callback f, and makes sure the temporary file is deleted when f completes. If f raises an exception, the exception is re-raised (and the file is still deleted).

val with_temp_dir : parent_dir:Path.t -> prefix:string -> suffix:string -> f:(Path.t Or_exn.t -> 'a) -> 'a

Like with_temp_file, but creates a temporary directory.

module Monad (M : sig ... end) : sig ... end

Versions of with_temp_file and with_temp_dir that are suitable for use with concurrency monads.