package spin

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include module type of struct include Spin_std.Spawn end
include module type of struct include Spawn end

Note: on Unix, spawn uses vfork by default. It has been tested, but if you believe this is causing a problem in your application, you can change this default at runtime by setting the environment variable SPAWN_USE_FORK.

module Working_dir = Spin_std.Spawn.Working_dir
module Unix_backend = Spin_std.Spawn.Unix_backend
module Env = Spin_std.Spawn.Env
module Pgid = Spin_std.Spawn.Pgid

Process group IDs

val resolve_in_path : string -> string option
val resolve_in_path_exn : string -> string
val spawn : ?env:Env.t -> ?cwd:Working_dir.t -> ?stdin:Unix.file_descr -> ?stdout:Unix.file_descr -> ?stderr:Unix.file_descr -> string -> string list -> int
val default_fd : unit -> Unix.file_descr option
val exec : ?env:Env.t -> ?cwd:Working_dir.t -> ?stdin:Unix.file_descr -> ?stdout:Unix.file_descr -> ?stderr:Unix.file_descr -> string -> string list -> (unit, string) Stdlib.result

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