package resp-server

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Client is a pure OCaml implementation of a minimal Redis client

type t
val connect : ?ctx:Conduit_lwt_unix.ctx -> ?tls_config:Conduit_lwt_unix.client_tls_config -> ?port:int -> string -> t Lwt.t

Connect to a remote server optionally with TLS. If no port is provided then the string arguments is assumed to be a Unix socket address.

val read : t -> Value.t Lwt.t

Read a value from the connection

val write : t -> Value.t -> unit Lwt.t

Write a value to the connection

val run : t -> string array -> Value.t Lwt.t

Write a command to the connection and return the the resulting value

val run_v : t -> Value.t array -> Value.t Lwt.t

Similar to run, but take an array of values instead of an array of strings


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