package re2

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type 'a t

An efficient way to ask which of several regexes matches a string.

val create : ?options:Options.t -> (string * 'a) list -> 'a t Core.Or_error.t

create ?options [ (pattern1, value1); (pattern2, value2); ...] associates each pattern with its value. The same options are used for all patterns.

val create_exn : ?options:Options.t -> (string * 'a) list -> 'a t
val matches : 'a t -> string -> 'a list

matches t input returns the values associated with those patterns that match the input. Values are in the order that create saw them.

val matches_no_order : 'a t -> string -> 'a list

Like matches, but values are listed in unspecified order.

val vals : 'a t -> ('a, Core.Array.Permissioned.t

Expose the return values originally passed to create.

The following identity holds:

[%equal: a list]
  (alist |> create_exn |> vals |> Array.Permissioned.to_list)
  (alist |> ~f:snd)

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