OCaml library to manipulate RDF graphs; implements SPARQL
Module Rdf . Solid
val solid : Iri.t


val solid_ : string -> Iri.t
val c_Account : Iri.t

A Solid account.

val c_Inbox : Iri.t

A resource containing notifications.

val c_Notification : Iri.t

A notification resource.

val c_Timeline : Iri.t

A resource containing time ordered items and sub-containers. Sub-containers may be desirable in file based systems to split the timeline into logical components e.g. /yyyy-mm-dd/ as used in ISO 8061.

val c_TypeIndex : Iri.t

A index of type registries for resources. Applications can register the RDF type they use and list them in the index resource.

val account : Iri.t

A solid account belonging to an Agent.

val inbox : Iri.t

Inbox resource for notifications.

val notification : Iri.t

Notification resource for an inbox.

val read : Iri.t

Indicates if a message has been read or not. This property should have a boolean datatype.

val timeline : Iri.t

Timeline for a given resource.

val typeIndex : Iri.t

Points to a TypeIndex resource.

module Open : sig ... end
class from : ?sub:Term.term -> Graph.graph -> object ... end