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Compatibility package for qcheck








  • Reintroduce the Shrink.list_spine fix by catching Invalid_argument and falling back on an address comparison.

  • Fix #273 by lowering ppx_deriving_qcheck's qcheck dependency to qcheck-core


  • Roll back the Shrink.list_spine fix, as it was utilizing polymorphic equality that can raise an exception on function comparison.


  • make Test.check_result, Test.check_cell_exn, and Test.check_exn honor test polarity by raising Test_unexpected_success when a negative test (expected to have a counter example), unexpectedly succeeds.

  • fix issue with ppx_deriving_qcheck deriving a generator with unbound gen for recursive types #269 and a related issue when deriving a generator for a record type

  • fix #241 causing* to emit duplicates, also affecting QCheck.Shrink.{char,string}

  • fix a cornercase where Shrink.list_spine would emit duplicates


  • add several new bytes combinators:

    • {QCheck,QCheck2}.Gen.{bytes_size,bytes,bytes_of,bytes_printable,bytes_small,bytes_small_of}

    • QCheck.{Print,Shrink,Observable}.bytes

    • QCheck2.{Print,Shrink}.bytes

    • QCheck.{bytes_gen_of_size,bytes_of,bytes,bytes_small,bytes_small_of,bytes_of_size,bytes_printable}

  • add new string combinators and aliases:

    • {QCheck,QCheck2}.Gen.{string_small,string_small_of}

    • QCheck.{string_small,string_small_of,string_of,string_printable,string_printable_of_size,string_small_printable,string_numeral,string_numeral_of_size}

  • (QCheck2.small_string character generator argument is no more optional - reverted again due to backwards incompatibility)

  • add an optional argument with conservative default to Shrink.string

  • fix shrinkers in QCheck.{printable_string,printable_string_of_size,small_printable_string,numeral_string,numeral_string_of_size} #257

  • add QCheck2.Gen.set_shrink to modify the generator's shrinker

  • add QCheck2.Gen.no_shrink to build a generator with no shrinking

  • add an environment variable QCHECK_MSG_INTERVAL to control QCheck_base_runner.time_between_msg

  • fix unknown option error message referring to qtest


  • fix: allow ~count in Test.make to be 0

  • fix: allow ~long_factor in Test.make to be 0


  • use Float.equal for comparing floats in the Observable module underlying function generators.

  • add optional debug_shrink parameters in alcotest interface and expose default debug_shrinking_choices in test runners

  • add missing ?handler parameter to Test.check_cell_exn

  • remove --no-buffer option on dune runtest to avoid garbling the test output

  • add an option retries parameter to Test.make et al. for checking a property repeatedly while shrinking. This can be useful when testing non-deterministic code. #212

  • add tup2 to tup9 for generators

  • add Test.make_neg for negative property-based tests, that are expected not to satisfy the tested property.

  • rename Gen.opt to Gen.option but keep the old binding for compatibility.

  • add additional expect and unit tests and refactor expect test suite

  • fix function generation affecting reproducability #236

  • add a shrinker performance benchmark #177

  • fix distribution of QCheck2.printable which would omit certain characters

  • shrinker changes

    • recursive list shrinker with better complexity

    • string shrinker reuses improved list shrinker and adds char shrinking

    • function shrinker now shrinks default entry first and benefits from list shrinker improvements

    • replacing the linear-time char shrinker with a faster one reusing the bisecting int shrinker algorithm

    • add Shrink.char_numeral and Shrink.char_printable

    • add shrinking for char arbitrarys char, printable_char, and numeral_char

  • documentation updates:

    • clarify upper bound inclusion in Gen.int_bound and Gen.int_range

    • clarify printable_char and Gen.printable distributions

    • add missing string_gen_of_size and small_printable_string documentation

    • document QCheck_alcotest.to_alcotest

    • fix documented size distribution for arbitrary generators string_gen, string, printable_string, numeral_string, list, and array

    • fix exception documentation for check_result, check_cell_exn, and check_exn

    • fix documentation for the distribution of Gen.printable and printable_char

    • fix documentation for the shrinking behaviour of QCheck2.printable

  • add environment variable QCHECK_LONG_FACTOR similar to QCHECK_COUNT #220

  • make test suite run on 32-bit architectures


  • fix Gen.{nat,pos}_split{2,}

  • fix stack overflow in #156


This releases marks the addition of QCheck2, a module where generation and shrinking are better integrated. See #109 and #116.

This API is still experimental. The normal QCheck module is still there and hasn't changed much.

deprecations and breakges:

  • make QCheck.Test_result.t abstract and add missing getters

  • deprecate QCheck.oneof

  • deprecate Gen.string_readable in favor of Gen.(string_of char) or the new Gen.string_printable

  • require at least OCaml 4.08

other changes:

  • unsigned int32 and int64

  • rename small_int_corners

  • add ?ratio to opt, to modify random distribution of options


  • new function: Gen.delay

  • install printer for an internal exception

  • fix(runner): use random state independently for each test

  • Fixes distribution and min_int issues

  • doc: point to @jmid 's website


  • fix(runner): detect more failures in the runner

  • fix: catch exceptions in generators and log them. (#99)

  • test: add test for #99

  • fix doc


  • fix: in main runner, remove reset line in more places if colors=false

  • fix: invalid arg in int_range when a<0

  • fix(runner): do not use ansi code for random seed if colors=false

  • feat: on >=4.08, provide let operators


  • modify int_range to make it accept ranges bigger than max_int.

  • less newline-verbose stats

  • add int{32,64} shrinkers to arbitrary gens

  • add int{32,int64} shrinkers

  • move to ounit2 for QCheck_ounit


  • make counter private

  • Add debug shrinking log

  • fix: small fix related to stdlib/pervasives

  • feat: add flatten combinators in gen


  • fix singleton list shrinking

  • feat: add Gen.char_range and Gen.(<$>) (credit @spewspews)


  • Add QCheck.Gen.{string_of,string_readable}

  • fix int_bound bound inclusiveness problem

  • change implementation of int_bound to generate values using for bound < 2^30

  • add weighted shuffled lists generator

  • add float_range to generate a floating-point number in the given range (inclusive)

  • add float_bound_inclusive and float_bound_exclusive to generate floating-point numbers between 0 and a given bound


  • Shrink: decompose Shrink.list into Shrink.list_spine and Shrink.list_elems

  • Gen.fix has a more general and useful type

  • update README to include Rely section (qcheck now available for reason-native!)

  • Fix stat printing

  • speed-up list shrinker

  • Better int shrinking

  • core: modify proba distributions again, add big_nat

  • feat: add small_array, modify distributions

  • print number of warnings in runner's summary

  • refactor: modify type of results to make them more accurate

  • feat: warn/fail if too many tests passed only b/c precondition failed


  • add qcheck-ounit sublibrary

  • use environment variables to configure qcheck-alcotest tests

  • alcotest backend for qcheck

  • make qcheck.ounit tests verbose by default

  • make qcheck is a compatibility library, depends on qcheck-core

  • split lib into qcheck and qcheck.ounit

  • add TestResult.is_success helper

  • give access to list of instances in test results

  • allow setting time_between_msg in runner

  • chore: remove submodule

  • chore: add travis support

  • doc: explanations about qcheck.ounit runners

  • doc: update readme


  • migrate to jbuilder

  • fix warnings

  • add some useful functions

  • update oasis files (close #48)

  • update copyright header (closes #47)


  • switch to BSD license, make it more explicit (close #43)

  • improve multi-line message printing in ounit (closes #46)

  • fix complexity of add_stat

  • allow negative entries in statistics (see #40)

  • add a way for tests to report messages to the user (see #39)

  • add QCheck.Shrink.int_aggressive and make default int shrinker faster

  • shrinker for map_keep_input

  • add QCheck.set_gen, missing for some reason

  • more compact verbose output (see #33)

  • better handling of dynamic progress line

  • Add colors to checkmarks in verbose mode

  • improve statistics display for runner

  • recover exception of shrunk input

  • print status line before the solving starts


  • add find_example and find_example_gen to synthesize values from properties (see #31)

  • add QCheck.gen for accessing the random generator easily

  • colorful runners, with --no-colors to disable them

  • add more generator (for corner cases)

  • better generation of random functions (see #8), using Observable and an efficient internal representation using heterogeneous tuples, printing, and shrinking. deprecate old hacks.

  • add statistics gathering and display (see #30)

  • better printing of Tuple

  • improve Shrink.{array,list} (see #32)

  • Change asserts to raise Invalid_arg (following the doc), and update doc

  • Change Gen.{int_bount,int_range} to support up to 2^62

  • fix regression in runner output (print results of collect)

  • update the @since tags


  • missing char in Gen.char (close #23)

  • add test and doc to opam

  • add small_list generator

  • add ~long_factor to tests and runner, for long tests

  • add more examples in readme, better doc for runners

  • improved reporting when running qcheck tests

  • add Test.get_count on test cells


  • Add cli option for backtraces in QCheck_runner

  • Add test case for raising exception

  • Better handling of backtraces

  • All tests now have a name

  • Add step function called on each instance in a test

  • make small_int a deprecated alias to small_nat

  • add small_signed_int

  • remove some warnings

  • use safe-string, and fix related bug

  • Add long tests options to QCheck_runner

  • Add length specification for to_ounit2_test

  • Added paragraph in README about long tests


  • document exceptions

  • add small_nat, change small_int semantics (close #10)

  • add QCheck.assume_fail

  • add QCheck.assume; explain preconditions a bit (close #9)

  • Polish documentation

  • Added quad support uniformly


  • merge back from qtest: big changes in API, shrinking, use 'a arbitrary type that combines printer, generator, shrinker, etc. (see git log)

  • merlin file

  • reorganize sources, _oasis, .merlin, etc.


  • bugfix in fix_fuel

  • if verbose enabled, print each test case

  • add QCheck.run_main

  • QCheck_ounit.~::

  • add (>:::)

  • add qcheck_ounit ml{lib,dylib}

  • trivial ounit integration

  • make optional

  • Arbitrary.fix_fuel(_gen): add a recursive case

  • Arbitrary.fix_fuel_gen, similar to fix_fuel but threading a state bottom-up to make choices depend on the path

  • Arbitrary.fail_fix to fail in a fixpoint

  • helper cases for Arbitrary.fix_fuel


  • get rid of submodule generator

  • Arbitrary.fix_fuel, to generate complex recursive structures

  • new combinators (infix map, applicative funs, shuffle)

  • remove generator/Generator, and a deprecation warning

  • output of printers of lists/arrays now parsable by ocaml toplevel


  • integrate Gabriel Scherer's Generator into QCheck

  • add |||

  • add Prop.raises

  • print the faulty instance in case of error (if a printer is available)

  • some combinators for QCheck.Arbitrary

  • QCheck.mk_test takes more arguments


  • oasis based build system

  • source files