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type -'a t

The type of fixed-width pretty-printers for values of type 'a. Specifically, these pretty-printers aim to emit strings that have the same rendered length in terminals (i.e. after accounting for UTF-8 encoding and ANSI escapes).

Most users don't need this module, and can use the pre-provided Line segments and Units printers directly.

Constructing printers

val int : width:int -> int t

int ~width pretty-prints integers using width characters, adding left padding if necessary. The printer will raise Invalid_argument if the integer to be printed can't be displayed in the given width.

val string : width:int -> string t

string ~width is a pretty-printer for UTF8-encoded strings using width characters, adding right padding or truncating with ellipses as necessary.

For example, string ~width:8 processes values as follows:

""            ↦ "        "
"hello"       ↦ "hello   "
"hello world" ↦ "hello..."

Note: this printer uses a heuristic function (Uucp.tty_width_hint) to guess the rendered length of supplied strings. This function is not guaranteed to be correct on all UTF-8 codepoints, and so certain "unusual" string inputs can cause progress bar rendering to go awry.

val using : f:('b -> 'a) -> 'a t -> 'b t

using ~f t prints values v by passing f v to the printer t.

val create : ?width:int -> ?pp:(Stdlib.Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit) -> to_string:('a -> string) -> string_len:int -> unit -> 'a t

create ~to_string ~string_len () is a printer that uses to_string to render values in string_len-many bytes.

The rendered width of the output (when displayed in a terminal) is assumed to also be string_len (i.e. the output string is assumed to be ASCII), but this can be assumption can be overridden by passing an explicit ~width (e.g. if the printer emits non-ASCII UTF-8 characters or ANSI escape sequences).

Consuming printers

val to_pp : 'a t -> Stdlib.Format.formatter -> 'a -> unit

Convert a pretty-printer to a Format-compatible pretty-printer.

val to_to_string : 'a t -> 'a -> string

Convert a pretty-printer to a to_string function.

val print_width : _ t -> int

print_width t is the number of terminal columns occupied by the output of t.


module Internals : sig ... end