Bindings to libpg_query for parsing PostgreSQL
Module type
Class type
Library pg_query
Module Pg_query
type parse_error = {
message : string;(*

The error message

funcname : string;(*

The name of the parsing function where the error occurred

filename : string;(*

The filename of the parsing code where the error occurred

lineno : int;(*

The line number of filename where the error occurred

cursorpos : int;(*

The position in the query where the error occurred

context : string option;(*

Optional additional context


Represents a syntax error in parsing some SQL.

message and cursorpos are probably the most useful fields. Note that filename, funcname and lineno refer to the location in the parsing code that the error occured, not to the input SQL.

type parse_result = {
parse_tree : string;(*

The parse tree of the query, as JSON

stderr_buffer : string option;(*

A field of unknown purpose

error : parse_error option;(*

Some parse_error for queries where parsing failed and None for successful ones


Represents the overall result of a parse

val raw_parse : string -> parse_result

Parses a string containing SQL and return a parse_result corresponding to the libpg_query struct

val parse : string -> ( string, string ) result

Parses a string containing SQL and returns either Ok parse_tree or Error error_message

val show_parse_error : parse_error -> string

Derived function to display a parse error

val show_parse_result : parse_result -> string

Derived function to display a parse_result