package patdiff

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Used to determine which name to use for a file, depending on the operation.

type t =
  1. | Real of {
    1. real_name : string;
    2. alt_name : string option;

    A name corresponding to a real file on disk. alt_name is used to display the file name and for file extension heuristics.

  2. | Fake of string

    A name not necessarily corresponding to a real file.

include Ppx_compare_lib.Comparable.S with type t := t
val compare : t -> t -> int
include Ppx_compare_lib.Equal.S with type t := t
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val real_name_exn : t -> string

The name used to access the file system. May differ from the name used for display.

val display_name : t -> string

The name used for display. Also used for file extension heuristics.

If t has an alt_name, then that is used. Otherwise, the real name is used.

val to_string_hum : t -> string

Equivalent to display_name.

val append : t -> string -> t

Append a path component to each of real_name, alt_name.

val dev_null : t

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