Format library for opam 2.1
module E : sig ... end

Configuration options for the format lib (record, global reference and setter)

type t = private {
strict : bool;(*

Fail early with errors in OPAM files

skip_version_checks : bool;(*

Ignore mismatching OPAM versions in files

all_parens : bool;(*

Affects the OPAM format printer; for backwards-compatibility

type 'a options_fun = ?strict:bool -> ?skip_version_checks:bool -> ?all_parens:bool -> 'a
include OpamStd.Config.Sig with type t := t and type 'a options_fun := 'a options_fun
val default : t

The default values of the options to use at startup

val set : t -> ( unit -> t ) options_fun

Use to update any option in a t, using the optional arguments of options_fun. E.g. set opts ?option1:1 ?option4:"x" ()

val setk : ( t -> 'a ) -> t -> 'a options_fun

Same as set, but passes the result to a continuation, allowing argument stacking

val r : t ref

The global reference containing the currently set library options. Access using OpamXxxConfig.(!r.field).

val update : ?noop:_ -> ( unit -> unit ) options_fun

Updates the currently set options in r according to the optional arguments

val init : ?noop:_ -> ( unit -> unit ) options_fun

Sets the options, reading the environment to get default values when unspecified

val initk : 'a -> 'a options_fun

Sets the options like init, but returns the given value (for arguments stacking)