package octez-bls12-381-polynomial

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Formats used for Srs:

  • the disk format uses compressed affine coordinates to save space
  • the memory format uses uncompressed affine coordiantes, because it's required by the pippenger API
  • the interface and memory representation of an Srs is as carray of affine elements (type G.affine) because they are however the interface that is exposed uses jacobian format (the type G.t).
module type GElt_sig = sig ... end
module type S = sig ... end
module Make (Elt : GElt_sig) : sig ... end
module Elt_g1 : sig ... end
module Elt_g2 : sig ... end
module Srs_g1 : S with type elt = Bls12_381.G1.t and type polynomial = Polynomial.t
module Srs_g2 : S with type elt = Bls12_381.G2.t and type polynomial = Polynomial.t
module Checks : sig ... end
module Srs : sig ... end
module type S_unsafe = sig ... end

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