package ocsigenserver

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Writing messages in the logs

val access_sect : Lwt_log_core.section

use Lwt_log.Section.set_level in order to debug

val accesslog : string -> unit

Write a message in access.log

val errlog : ?section:Lwt_log.section -> string -> unit

Write a message in errors.log

val warning : ?section:Lwt_log.section -> string -> unit

Write a message in warnings.log

val console : (unit -> string) -> unit

Write a message in the console (if not called in silent mode)

val unexpected_exception : exn -> string -> unit

Use that function for all impossible cases in exception handlers (try ... with ... | e -> unexpected_exception ... or Lwt.catch ...). A message will be written in warnings.log. Put something in the string to help locating the problem (usually the name of the function where is has been called).

val error_log_path : unit -> string

Path to the error log file


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