A full-featured and extensible Web server
Library ocsigenserver.polytables
Module Polytables

Warning: this module is not thread safe!

type 'a key

The type of key for a piece of data of type 'a

type t

The type of tables

val create : unit -> t

creates a new table

val make_key : unit -> 'a key

create a new key for each data you want to save

val set : table:t -> key:'a key -> value:'a -> unit

set t k v associates v to k in t

val get : table:t -> key:'a key -> 'a

get t k returns the current binding of k in t or raises Not_found

val remove : table:t -> key:'a key -> unit

remove t k remove the current binding of k in t if it exists

val clear : table:t -> unit

clear t remove all data from t