package ocsigenserver

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val section : Lwt_log_core.section

use Lwt_log.Section.set_level in order to debug

exception Ocsigen_http_error of Ocsigen_cookie_map.t * Cohttp.Code.status
exception Ext_http_error of Cohttp.Code.status * string option * Cohttp.Header.t option

Exception raised by exceptions to describe an HTTP error. It is possible to pass the code of the error, an optional comment, and optionally some headers.

exception Ocsigen_is_dir of Ocsigen_request.t -> Uri.t

compute a redirection if path links to a directory

val get_number_of_connected : unit -> int

accessor to get number of client (used by eliom monitoring)

val shutdown : float option -> unit

Shutdown main loop of server

val service : ?ssl:(string * string * (bool -> string) option) -> address:Ocsigen_config.socket_type -> port:int -> connector:(Ocsigen_request.t -> Ocsigen_response.t Lwt.t) -> unit -> unit Lwt.t

initialize a main loop of http server


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