package ocsigenserver

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Cache. Association tables (from any kind of database) that keep the most recently used values in memory. It is also possible to set a maximum lifetime for data in the cache.

It is based on a structure of doubly linked lists with maximum size, that keeps only the mostly recently used values first, if you call the up function each time you use a value. (Insertion, remove and "up" in time 1). This structure is exported, so that it can be used in other cases.

Not (preemptive) thread safe.

  • author Vincent Balat
  • author Raphaël Proust (adding timers)
module Make (A : sig ... end) : sig ... end
val clear_all_caches : unit -> unit

Clear the contents of all the existing caches

module Dlist : sig ... end

Doubly-linked lists with maximum number of entries, and (possibly) limited lifespan for entries.


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