Official release 4.14.0
Module type
Class type
Library ocamlmiddleend
type allocation_point =
| Symbol of Symbol.t
| Variable of Variable.t
type allocated_const =
| Normal of Allocated_const.t
| Array of Lambda.array_kind * Asttypes.mutable_flag * Variable.t list
| Duplicate_array of Lambda.array_kind * Asttypes.mutable_flag * Variable.t
type constant_defining_value =
| Allocated_const of allocated_const
| Block of Tag.t * Variable.t list
| Set_of_closures of Flambda.set_of_closures
| Project_closure of Flambda.project_closure
| Move_within_set_of_closures of Flambda.move_within_set_of_closures
| Project_var of Flambda.project_var
| Field of Variable.t * int
| Symbol_field of Symbol.t * int
| Const of Flambda.const
| Symbol of Symbol.t
| Variable of Variable.t
type initialize_symbol_field = Variable.t option

Simple alias analysis working over information about which symbols have been assigned to variables; and which constants have been assigned to symbols. The return value gives the assignment of the defining values of constants to variables. Also see comments for Lift_constants, whose input feeds this pass.

Variables found to be ill-typed accesses to other constants, for example arising from dead code, will be pointed at the_dead_constant.

val print_constant_defining_value : Format.formatter -> constant_defining_value -> unit