package obuilder

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type t
val v : ?switch:Lwt_switch.t -> ?env:Config.env -> ?user:Obuilder_spec.user -> ?workdir:string -> ?shell:string list -> ?secrets:(string * string) list -> log:S.logger -> src_dir:string -> unit -> t

context ~log ~src_dir is a build context where copy operations read from the (host) directory src_dir.

  • parameter switch

    Turn this off to cancel the build.

  • parameter env

    Environment in which to run commands.

  • parameter user

    Container user to run as.

  • parameter workdir

    Directory in the container namespace for cwd.

  • parameter shell

    The command used to run shell commands (default ["/usr/bin/env"; "bash"; "-c"]).

  • parameter secrets

    Provided key-value pairs for secrets.

  • parameter log

    Function to receive log data.


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