package mugen

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Infinite products with finite supports. A special case of NearlyConstant where the base is id.


module Base : S


include S
include StructuredType.PartiallyOrderedType
include StructuredType.EqualityType
type t

The type.

val equal : t -> t -> bool

equal x y checks whether x and y are equivalent.

val dump : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Ugly printer.

val lt : t -> t -> bool

lt x y checks if x is strictly less than y. Note that trichotomy fails for general partial orders.

val leq : t -> t -> bool

leq x y checks if x is less than or equal to y. Note that trichotomy fails for general partial orders.

val id : t

id is the unit.

val is_id : t -> bool

is_id s checks whether s is the unit. It is equivalent to equal id s, but potentially faster.

val compose : t -> t -> t

compose s1 s2 composes the operators s1 and s2. Note that Foo^s1^s2 in McBride's notation is understood as compose (compose ... s2) s1 with the reversed order.

val of_list : Base.t list -> t

Conversion from a list; a list l represents the following infinite product (as a function from natural numbers to Base.t)

f 0 = List.nth l 0
f 1 = List.nth l 1
f (n-1) = List.nth l (n-1)
f n =
f (n+1) =
val to_list : t -> Base.t list

List representation of an infinite product. Right inverse of of_list. It is not a left inverse of of_list because trailing will be stripped.


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