package memgraph

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Dot output

This module provides some helper to print the memory representation of ocaml values as graphviz graphs.


type config

The config type gathers tweakable settings of the graphviz output. See the config function below for constructing values of type config.

val config : ?external_node_color:string option -> ?block_node_color:string option -> ?root_node_color:string option -> ?outline_color:string -> ?background_color:string option -> ?direction:[ `Vertical | `Horizontal ] -> unit -> config

Build a value of type config, provided some of the following (all optional) settings. (For colors provided as a string option, the None value corresponds to transparency.)

  • external_node_color: the fill color of nodes for out-of-heap pointers (default: Some "grey");
  • block_node_color: the fill color of standard block nodes (default: Some "lightblue");
  • root_node_color: the fill color of root notes (default: Some "yellow");
  • outline_color: the color of the outlines of nodes, edges, and text (default: "black");
  • background_color: the color of the background (default: None);
  • direction: whether to lay out successive nodes from top to bottow (`Vertical) or left to right (`Horizontal) (default: `Vertical).

Dot Printing functions

val print_list : ?conf:config -> Stdlib.Format.formatter -> (string * [ `Direct ] Repr.cell) list -> unit

Print a list of reprs on the given formatter.

val to_file : ?conf:config -> string -> (string * [ `Direct ] Repr.cell) list -> unit

Print a list of reprs in the given file (the file must not exist and will be created by this function)