package mdx

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Test outputs.

type t = [
  1. | `Output of string
  2. | `Ellipsis

The type for test outputs. Ellipisis (...) allow to skip zero, one or many lines while comparing the outputs with equal.

val equal : t list -> t list -> bool

equal x y is true iff x and y are equivalent, modulo ellipsis.

val merge : [ `Output of string ] list -> t list -> t list

merge output test merges any `Ellipsis items from test into output.

val pp : ?pad:int -> t Fmt.t

pp is the pretty-printer for test outputs. pad is the size of the optional whitespace left-padding (by default it is 0).

val dump : t Fmt.t

dump is the printer for dumping test outputs. Useful for debugging.


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