package magic-trace

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include module type of Elf_intf
module Location : sig ... end
module Addr_table : sig ... end
module Stop_info : sig ... end
type t
val create : Core.Filename.t -> t option
val symbol_stop_info : t -> Core.Pid.t -> Owee_elf.Symbol_table.Symbol.t -> Stop_info.t

Returns name, address and filter string for using a symbol as a snapshot point.

The address is suitable for placing a breakpoint, and the filter string causes tracing to stop when executing code from that symbol. The filter string syntax is in ftrace format and is accepted both by the perf command line tool and the PERF_EVENT_IOC_SET_FILTER ioctl for the perf_event_open syscall.

val addr_table : t -> Addr_table.t
val matching_functions : t -> -> Owee_elf.Symbol_table.Symbol.t Core.String.Map.t

Find function symbols matching a regex and return a map from symbol name to symbol suitable for asking the user to disambiguate.

val all_symbols : t -> (string * Owee_elf.Symbol_table.Symbol.t) list
val find_symbol : t -> string -> Owee_elf.Symbol_table.Symbol.t option
module Symbol_resolver : sig ... end

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