Lutin: modeling stochastic reactive systems
type t
val init : unit -> t
val tbl_to_string : t -> string
val f : t -> Var.env_in -> Var.env -> string -> int -> Exp.formula -> t * Bdd.t

Formula_to_bdd.f input memory ctx_msg verbosity_level f returns the bdd of f where input and pre variables have been repaced by their values. ctx_msg is used for printing source information in case of errors.

ZZZ this function fills in local tables that are used later on during the random toss (e.g., via index_to_linear_constraint). Hence bdd should be build by this module.

val num_to_gne : t -> Var.env_in -> Var.env -> string -> int -> Exp.num -> t * Gne.t
val eval_int_expr : t -> Exp.num -> string -> Var.env_in -> Var.env -> int -> int option
val clear_all : t -> t

Clean-up all the internal tables that migth have been filled by (non-regression) assertions.

val clear_step : t -> t

Clean-up the cache tables that contain information that depends on input or pre. Indeed, this information is very likely to change (especially because floats) at each step, therefore we do not keep that information to avoid memory problems.

val index_to_linear_constraint : t -> int -> Constraint.t
val get_index_from_linear_constraint : t -> Constraint.t -> int