The Links Programming Language
Module Links_lens . Column . List
type elt = t
val equal_elt : elt -> elt -> Ppx_deriving_runtime.bool
type t = elt list
val equal : t -> t -> Ppx_deriving_runtime.bool
val present : t -> t

Filter out all non present columns.

val aliases : t -> string list

Get a list of column aliases.

val present_aliases : t -> string list

Get the aliases of all present columns.

val present_aliases_set : t -> Alias.Set.t

Return the set of all present aliases.

val mem_alias : t -> alias:string -> bool

determine if the calumn alias is present.

val colset : t -> Set.t

Convert the list of columns into a set.

val colmap : t -> elt Alias.Map.t

Convert the list of columns into a map from the alias to the column.

val find_alias : t -> alias:string -> elt option

Find the column with alias.

val record_type : t -> Links_lens__Phrase_type.t

Convert a list of records to a Links type.