The Links Programming Language
Module type Links_core . Proc . WEBSOCKETS

Accepts a new websocket connection, creates a new socket, as * well as a thread which handles incoming messages.

val deliver_process_message : ProcessTypes.client_id -> ProcessTypes.process_id -> Value.t -> unit Lwt.t

Sends a message to the given PID.

val send_ap_response : ProcessTypes.client_id -> ProcessTypes.process_id -> Value.chan -> unit Lwt.t

Sends a response to an AP request / accept

val deliver_session_message : ProcessTypes.client_id -> ProcessTypes.channel_id -> Value.delegated_chan list -> bool -> Value.t -> unit Lwt.t

Delivers a message along a session channel

Sends a lost message request for carrier channel `channel_id`, * given a list of delegated endpoints `channel_id list`

val deliver_lost_messages : ProcessTypes.client_id -> ProcessTypes.channel_id -> (ProcessTypes.channel_id * Value.t list) list -> unit Lwt.t

Deliver lost messages

val send_cancellation : ProcessTypes.client_id -> notify_ep:ProcessTypes.channel_id -> cancelled_ep:ProcessTypes.channel_id -> unit Lwt.t

Send a cancellation notification