The Links Programming Language
type 'a die = string -> 'a
val lookup_alias : Types.tycon_environment -> alias:string -> Types.typ

Lookup a type alias in the typing environment context.

val lens_type_of_type : die:Lens.Type.t die -> Types.typ -> Lens.Type.t
val type_of_lens_phrase_type : context:Types.tycon_environment -> Lens.Phrase.Type.t -> Types.typ

Convert a native Links language type to a lens phrase type.

val lens_phrase_type_of_type : Types.typ -> Lens.Phrase.Type.t

Convert a lens phrase type to a native Links type.

val sort_cols_of_table : Types.typ -> table:string -> Lens.Column.t list

Extract the relational lens columns of a table type. Use the specified table name.