The Links Programming Language
module Error : sig ... end
val unary_of_sugartype_op : Operators.UnaryOp.t -> Lens.Operators.Unary.t option

Convert a Links unary operator to a Relational Lenses unary operator.

val binary_of_sugartype_op : Operators.BinaryOp.t -> Lens.Operators.Binary.t option

Convert a Links binary operator to a Relational Lenses binary operator.

val cols_of_phrase : Sugartypes.phrase -> string list

Extract a columns from a sugar syntax phrase. This is used in the join case where the user specifies the join columns in the Links syntax, which results in an expression of the form (a, b, c), which is parsed to a TupleLit of Var elements.

val is_static : Lens.Phrase.Type.t -> Sugartypes.phrase -> bool

Determine if the predicate should dynamically be checked or not.