The Links Programming Language
Module Links_core . Json
type handler_id = int
type json_string = string
type websocket_url = string
module JsonState : sig ... end
type json_state = JsonState.t
val jsonize_value : Value.t -> Yojson.Basic.t

Returns a JSON representation of a given value.

val jsonize_value_with_state : Value.t -> json_state -> Yojson.Basic.t

Given a JSON state (calculated from resolveJsonState) and a value, * returns an object of the form "value" : v, "state" : s, where v is * the value to serialise and s is the state to serialise.

val jsonize_call : json_state -> string -> string -> Value.t list -> Yojson.Basic.t

Given a json_state, continuation, function name, and list of arguments, JSONises a call * to the client.

val json_to_string : Yojson.Basic.t -> string
val nil_literal : Yojson.Basic.t