Library for Zipperposition
module C : module type of Env.C with type t = Env.C.t
module PS : module type of Env.ProofState with type C.t = Env.C.t
module Stm : Libzipperposition.Stream.S with module C = Env.C
Term Indices
val idx_sup_into : unit -> PS.TermIndex.t

index for superposition into the set

val idx_sup_from : unit -> PS.TermIndex.t

index for superposition from the set

val idx_fv : unit -> PS.SubsumptionIndex.t

index for subsumption

Inference Rules
val infer_active : Env.binary_inf_rule

superposition where given clause is active

val infer_passive : Env.binary_inf_rule

superposition where given clause is passive

val infer_equality_resolution : Env.unary_inf_rule
val infer_equality_factoring : Env.unary_inf_rule
Extraction of clauses from the queue (HO feature)
val extract_from_stream_queue : Env.generate_rule

Extracts at most as many clauses from the stream queue as there are streams in the queue. If called with ~full=true extracts only one clause but may loop forever.

val extract_from_stream_queue_fix_stm : Env.generate_rule

Same as extract_from_stream_queue with a different extraction heuristic If possible, all clauses are taken from the first stream

Simplifications rules
val is_tautology : C.t -> bool

Check whether the clause is a (syntactic) tautology, ie whether it contains true or "A" and "not A"

val is_semantic_tautology : C.t -> bool

semantic tautology deletion, using a congruence closure algorithm to see if negative literals imply some positive Literal.t

val handle_distinct_constants : Env.lit_rewrite_rule

Decide on "quoted" "symbols" (which are all distinct)

val basic_simplify : Env.simplify_rule

basic simplifications (remove duplicate literals, trivial literals, destructive equality resolution...)

val subsumes : Logtk.Literal.t array -> Logtk.Literal.t array -> bool

subsumes c1 c2 iff c1 subsumes c2

returns subsuming subst if the first clause subsumes the second one

val eq_subsumes : Logtk.Literal.t array -> Logtk.Literal.t array -> bool

equality subsumption

val subsumed_by_active_set : C.t -> bool

check whether the clause is subsumed by any clause in the set

val subsumed_in_active_set : Env.backward_redundant_rule

list of clauses in the active set that are subsumed by the clause

val contextual_literal_cutting : Env.simplify_rule

contextual Literal.t cutting of the given clause by the active set

val condensation : Env.simplify_rule


val register : unit -> unit

Register rules in the environment