Library for Zipperposition
Weight functions
type t = C.t -> int

attribute a weight to a clause. The smaller, the better (lightweight clauses will be favored). A weight must always be positive; the weight of the empty clause should alwyays be 0.

val of_string : string -> t

parse string description of weight function and return it

val default : t

Use Literal.heuristic_weight

val penalty : t

Returns the penalty of the clause

val favor_all_neg : t

Favor clauses with only negative ground lits

val favor_non_all_neg : t

Favor clauses that have at least one non-(ground negative) lit

val favor_ground : t
val favor_horn : t
val favor_goal : t

The closest a clause is from the initial goal, the lowest its weight. Some threshold is used for clauses that are too far away

val conj_relative : ?distinct_vars_mul:float -> ?parameters_magnitude:[< `Large | `Small Large ] -> ?goal_penalty:bool -> t
val combine : (t * int) list -> t

Combine a list of pairs w, coeff where w is a weight function, and coeff a strictly positive number. This is a weighted sum of weights.