Library for Zipperposition
val sk_ctx : unit -> Logtk.Skolem.ctx
val ord : unit -> Logtk.Ordering.t

current ordering on terms

val selection_fun : unit -> Selection.t

selection function for clauses

val set_selection_fun : Selection.t -> unit
val set_ord : Logtk.Ordering.t -> unit
val signature : unit -> Logtk.Signature.t

Current signature

val renaming : Logtk.Subst.Renaming.t


Compare two terms

val select : Selection.t
val eta_normalize : Logtk.Term.t -> Logtk.Term.t

eta_normalize a term (expand or reduce or neutral, depending on cli options)

val lost_completeness : unit -> unit

To be called when completeness is not preserved

val is_completeness_preserved : unit -> bool

Check whether completeness was preserved so far

val add_signature : Logtk.Signature.t -> unit

Merge the given signature with the context's one

val find_signature : Logtk.ID.t -> Logtk.Type.t option

Find the type of the given symbol

val find_signature_exn : Logtk.ID.t -> Logtk.Type.t

Unsafe version of find_signature.

  • raises Not_found

    for unknown symbols

val declare : Logtk.ID.t -> Logtk.Type.t -> unit

Declare the type of a symbol (updates signature)

val on_new_symbol : (Logtk.ID.t * Logtk.Type.t) Logtk.Signal.t
val on_signature_update : Logtk.Signature.t Logtk.Signal.t
val set_injective_for_arg : Logtk.ID.t -> int -> unit
val is_injective_for_arg : Logtk.ID.t -> int -> bool


module Lit : sig ... end