package lambda-term

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Module type
Class type

A vertical line.

method children : t list

The children of the widget.

method parent : t option

The parent of the widget, if any.

method set_parent : t option -> unit

Sets the parent of the widget. This also affect queue_draw.

method can_focus : bool

Whether the widget can receive the focus or not.

method focus : t option LTerm_geom.directions

Specify a target widget to the left, right, up and/or down when changing focus.

method set_focus : t option LTerm_geom.directions -> unit

Sets the target widgets when changing focus.

method queue_draw : unit

Enqueue a redraw operation. If the widget has a parent, this is the same as calling the queue_draw method of the parent, otherwise this does nothing.

method set_queue_draw : (unit -> unit) -> unit

set_queue_draw f sets the function called when the queue_draw method is invoked, for this widget and all its children.

method draw : LTerm_draw.context -> t -> unit

draw ctx focused draws the widget on the given context. focused is the focused widget.

method cursor_position : LTerm_geom.coord option

Method invoked when the widget has the focus, it returns the position of the cursor inside the widget if it should be displayed.

method allocation : LTerm_geom.rect

The zone occuped by the widget.

method set_allocation : LTerm_geom.rect -> unit

Sets the zone occuped by the widget.

method send_event : LTerm_event.t -> unit

Send an event to the widget. If the widget cannot process the event, it is sent to the parent and so on.

method on_event : ?switch:LTerm_widget_callbacks.switch -> (LTerm_event.t -> bool) -> unit

on_event ?switch f calls f each time an event is received. If f returns true, the event is not passed to other callbacks.

method size_request : LTerm_geom.size

The size wanted by the widget.

method resources : LTerm_resources.t

The set of resources used by the widget.

method set_resources : LTerm_resources.t -> unit

Sets the resources of the widget and of all its children.

method resource_class : string

The resource class of the widget.

method set_resource_class : string -> unit

Sets the resource class of the widget. This can be used to set an alternative style for the widget.

method update_resources : unit

Method invoked when the resources or the resource class of the widget change. The default function does nothing.


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