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Copyright (c) 2008-2012 Ryan Juckett

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Ported to Go by Charmbracelet, Inc. in 2021.



Ported to OCaml by Abstract Machines Sweden AB. in 2023.


val epsilon : float
type t
val identity : t
val make : delta_time:float -> angular_freq:float -> damping_ratio:float -> t

Spring.make ~delta_time ~angular_freq ~damping_ratio creates a new spring that follows these parameters.

* `delta_time`: the time step to operate on. Game engines typically provide a way to determine the time delta, however if that's not available you can simply set the framerate with `1_000 /. fps`. Make sure the framerate you set here matches your actual framerate.

* `angular_freq`: this translates roughly to the speed. Higher values are faster.

* `damping_ratio`: the springiness of the animation, generally between `0` and `1`, though it can go higher. Lower values are springier.

type snapshot = {
  1. position : float;
  2. velocity : float;

A snapshot is a utility type representing a spring at a particular point in time.

val zero_snapshot : snapshot
val update : t -> snapshot -> target_pos:float -> snapshot

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