package fsml

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Dot output

type options = {
  1. mutable node_shape : string;
  2. mutable node_style : string;
  3. mutable rankdir : string;
  4. mutable layout : string;
  5. mutable mindist : float;
val default_options : options
val write : string -> ?options:options -> Fsm.t -> unit

write fname m writes a .dot representation of FSM m in file fname. Rendering can be modified with the options optional argument.

val view : ?options:options -> ?fname:string -> ?cmd:string -> Fsm.t -> int

view m views FSM m by first writing its .dot representation in file and then launching a DOT viewer application. The name of the output file and of the viewer application can be changed using the fname and cmd optional arguments. Returns the issued command exit status.


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