package fsml

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C backend

type config = {
  1. mutable state_var : string;

    Name of variable storing the current state (default: state)

  2. mutable incl_file : string;

    Name of the support include file (default: fsml.h

val cfg : config
exception Error of string * string
val write : ?dir:string -> prefix:string -> Fsm.t -> unit

write prefix m writes in files prefix.h and prefix.c a representation of FSM m as a C function. This function has prototype void fsm_xxx(ctx_t *ctx), where xxx is m.m_id and ctx_t is the type of a structure recording the value of inputs and outputs of the machine. Each call to the fsm_xxx function will correspond to one execution step of the machine: it first looks for a fireable transition (depending on the values of the inputs read in the context ctx and of the local variables) and, if found, performs the action associated to this transition (updating the value of outputs and local variables) and updates the current state. The generated files are written in the current working directory unless a target directory is specified with the dir argument. If the target directory does not exist, an attempt is made to create it.


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